Strange Brew 16_Flower Petals

A flower is awe-felt. A true concoction of beauty: patient, individual, and an honest expression of subtlety and reflection of one’s environment. Though the root system, stem, and leaves are vital, and, in that notion, equal in beauty; the pull of the flower derives in the petals. At first, they cocoon the bud, preparing and keeping safe the prized seeds. Then they reveal their personality in bloom. This is what most people like about flowers. And yet, no matter how much pruning and attention you give these precious ones, their time will eventually run; these poor fellas will all drop their petals.
We here at Strange Brew like to think of these photos and our correlated edit as fallen petals. These are all gems to us – yes, they are precious – and yet, they had to go. In a way, our snowboarding is just a game of “She loves me, She loves me not”. Or perhaps we see the transcendent notion of an old dandelion, whose soft white seeds are billowing in the wind, blown in one heap breath from a small child. Maybe, it’s just as simple as a buttercup under your chin, revealing not only whether or not you like butter, but also, more importantly, a smile. Now, with all that pondering properly posed, please take a moment to view our fallen petals.

Tory Lanez “Lord Knows Pt 2”

Riley Nickerson
Casey Pletz
Brady Lem
Armeen Pirooz
Virginia Dave
Danny Kern
Freddy McCarthy
Ian Daly
Jacob Krugmire
Kael Hill
Brett Wilkinson
Keenan Cawley
Kai Ujeski
Brett Wulc
Danny Kern
Brett Wulc

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