EnterThePortal x iRideParkCity x MN BOYS

The boys from Minnesota take on the Wasatch Mountains.

Featuring: Robbie Roethler, Will Betts, Nick Sorenson (Sick Slime), and Trent Lodge.

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  1. helmet kids
    helmet kids says:

    You have to wear helmets kids, that’s the only way you can get this good.
    These guys look and ride like they are competitive snowboarders. Hmm, they still very far from being good thou.
    My dick’s in your mouth you gonna say what bitch?

  2. basshole
    basshole says:

    the snowboarding was fine, but agree with Ja, this was unwatchable. music was horrific, and the b&w with bright green rails effect was obnoxious and pointless. cool westminster college snowboard team jacket tho…

  3. whatvr
    whatvr says:

    If you guys weren’t so fucking ignorant you would know just how much concussions fuck up your life. Feel free to talk shit about the snowboarding whatever who cares but when all of you grow up to be dumb as hell because you spent your whole life smashing your head into shit I sure as hell won’t feel bad for you

    • Do some research
      Do some research says:

      If you just go to google and do some research you will find that helmets don’t really help much bud!!

  4. poo
    poo says:

    Lmao, why tf are we arguing about helmets. Some people ride with helmets, some don’t. Get over it…

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