We’re Giving away a set of Rainier Beer Bindings


Want to win this bitchin’ set of Rainier bindings made by Union? We’re giving them away over on Instagram (@yobeat). All you’ve got to do is like the photo and tag the three friends who will be the most jealous of you shredding in these bad boys. Don’t forget to follow @yobeat and @rainier_beer. One winner will be picked at random on Thursday (the 18th). It’s easy and you can’t win if you don’t enter, so get on it. They’re size M/L and even come packaged in a cooler that will hold your 12-pack on the way to the mountain. #drinkbeer

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  • winstonrumfoord

    eh, nah

  • But why Rainier Beer? Isn’t it owned by the Chinese now? Why not Blue Ribbon? Coors? Sierra Nevada? I love Union bindings but beer on my bindings is lame. Imma try Bent Metal next season

    • $atan

      Theyve already done a pbr binding

      • $atan

        The beers also named after mount rainier in WA… north west… snowboarding… beer… it all goes together

    • sman

      exactly.. Rainier is nothing but a Budweiser? This is really just scraping the marketing dung barrel for shit.. that said, the roots are pretty deep in the PAC NW with Rainier so.. whatever. PBR or Rainier is going to be brewed at Redhook now. Redhook has always been pretty cool with shred companies so.. yea..

  • Sick wit it, got twelve beers and two feet that could use that there

  • Ice jj fish

    These would look sick nasty on my 2007 burton vapor