Connor Palahicky at Whistler Parks

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  1. Trillbo Swaggins
    Trillbo Swaggins says:

    way to not show him land the last trick, and holy shit you don’t need 5 slow mo slashes in one edit

  2. Infurrrry ating
    Infurrrry ating says:

    Slightly offensive. Defense wins championships. Broncos offense and panthers defense probably never should have stepped on the field. But seriously icarus, watching the tape again I found myself less distraught from your front 270 edge slide toe edge out than I was the first time so now that I’ve baited my hook I guess i’ll say look, a hard way front three over that rail is something people do less. Lord knows why that’s the case. Elements are elements after all so I’m winding it up. We sit four deep at a traffic light at 2 in the morning talking about how dumb and brainwashed some of our brothers and sisters are, while we sit, waiting for a green light, telling us when to go.

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