Too Hard: We on. Winter 2016 <3

Boarding 4 the $ in BC, Lake Tahoe, Salt Lake City, Copper Mt by:

Danyale Patterson
Morgan Lynne
Fancy Rutherford
Christine Savage
Madison Blackley
Maria Thomsen
Darrah Reid mc LEAN


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    • Ross
      Ross says:

      No. Because they ARE good.

      Everyone keeps asking, “How do we save snowboarding?” Well, a great way would be making women feel warm and welcomed.

      • fugyomomma
        fugyomomma says:

        idk maybe i think snowboarding could be saved by giving it a better image to the general population. not promoting these mediocre riders and their shitty edits with how “hard” the shred and how “hard” they party. can these girls ride? yeah. are they as good as this website is trying to promote them as? fuck no

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