People’s Court: Danny Sokol vs Tyler Zuydhoek

This week, I know for a fact we have two Midwest riders. Who can best who? Will we ever find out why, how and who came up with these crazy last names? Whoever did was probably hanging out with that sick GoPro edit.

*If you think you’re better than these guys, send your edits to the submissons box. It’s getting harder and harder every week, as the box gets emptier and emptier.*

  • .

    wait…what? what in the fucking fuck is up with those two edits? i think this peoples court is the nail in the coffin for peoples courts. danny sokol would have been a great contender to put up to someone, but ya fucked it all up by fucking it up. dannys edit was very fun to watch too.

  • george plz

    keep people’s court, i like it!! and danny kills!

  • Bo Yeat

    danny may have even deserved a main page post if i may so boldly say… one footed boardslide on the dub kink???

  • Nope, just Chuck Testa

    helmet mount shots. true innovation

  • Laflare

    “If a man does not have the sauce, then he is lost. But the same man can be lost in the sauce.” Yobeat, your the man lost in the sauce.

  • sedgyfergo

    missing tylers video?

  • Burr

    misssssin a video?

  • Al Nash Lover 69

    I luv Al Nash put him back on here pleeeease??????

  • Ogclark

    I’d vote for marijuana because Mary’s my home girl. But zodiac is my nigga. Danny’s video was alright but wack as fuck at the same time. Fuck les. Expo all the way> zodiac for the fucking win smoke weed hail satan and sleep with strippers.

  • justin from les

    zodiak is a bitch but the kid can ride, some pretty heavy slop shots in there if ya ask me tho. danny is chyl, edit was put together like shit but super good rider. i’d sponsor them both, 6%

    • justin from les

      both edits could have used a bonesquad cameo too

  • Baby got back

    Zodiac ain’t got no chody sack