RIP Jordan Jacobs


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January 13th 1991- February 1, 2016

To see a look of pure happiness and fulfillment on someone’s face is one of the greatest things in the world; that is what snowboarding did for my late friend Jordan Jacobs. Yesterday, Jordan’s friends and family received the horrifying news that his life was taken away from us all too soon. Snowboarding was something Jordan could turn to when he was struggling with life, when the stress was making him pull his hair out, or when he just needed to feel alive. 



Our deepest condolences to his family and friends.

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  1. Dustin
    Dustin says:

    Thank you for writing this article. Never a dull moment with Jordan and was always happy. Rest easy brotha

    • Sommers
      Sommers says:

      What concerns me the most are insensitive people who live on a high horse. What an awful thing to say to people who are grieving. Let people celebrate the positive about a person they loved!

    • Melissa
      Melissa says:

      This is a terrible thing to say. Regardless of his personal issues, he still has a family and friends that care for him. Unfortunately his spirit will live on with positive vibes and you got a temporary rise out of people who let love conquer all. Plus you should watch what you say, you’re not dead yet-you could still struggle with heroin. But I bet you won’t, no worries. Happy days. Anyways, Rest in Paradise Jorjaco

    • your mom
      your mom says:

      Yeah we should be sad and sorry about that I only hope when you struggle and you will people will be kinder to you than you probably deserve

    • Natalie Ness
      Natalie Ness says:

      How dare you. Jesus. Show some respect. I knew Jordan since the day he was born and he was the biggest ball of light to walk this earth. Yeah he loved a good party, but that has nothing to do with his heart. He knew how to love others and himself. We all have our shit… We all make poor choices. He lived a life full of adventure and joy that was cut way too soon. The amount of ignorance in this comment makes me sick. You owe his close friends and family a serious apology.

    • Jvo
      Jvo says:

      Who do you think you are? Why are you better then anyone else? Karma sucks….remember that someday when it bites you in your ass

    • Kaitlyn McNamara
      Kaitlyn McNamara says:

      Youre an total asshole. You obviously didnt know the Jordan that everyone else did.This is not idolizing, its remembering. Heroin is a huge problem everywhere and everyone has there own struggle.There was a lot of people trying to help him, including me,but he had the thickest skull out of anyone I have ever known, and i knew him very well.We dated for 3 years.

      We should be sad about this and take this as a lesson…he was a great person and the love of my life. He is greatly missed.

      Love you and all your flaws JJ,forever.

  2. Insensitive asshole
    Insensitive asshole says:

    Well I hope we can all agree that heroin was at least good for one thing! Getting rid of a worthless human being. God bless

  3. Deb
    Deb says:

    Wow, It just baffles me that people post such rude comments. One day it may be one of your family members or someone close to you and see how you feel if someone says something like you did. You should be assamed of yourself. People struggle in life with many things and find it hard to get help or no one takes it serious till its too late. His family and friends are grieving. You are very heartless. Prayers to the family and friends. I know my daughter knew him.

  4. Insensitive asshole
    Insensitive asshole says:

    I think Jordan owes his family and friends an apology. Maybe he shouldn’t have been so selfish and chose heroin over life. He needs to apologize for putting his family and friends through this. Not quite sure how we celebrate someone’s life who obviously didn’t value his own life very much.

    • Melissa
      Melissa says:

      My question to you is have you ever had someone in your life who suffered from addiction? If so, have you ever taken the time to attend meetings with them or attended an al-anon meeting? People don’t choose to have these issues. Some function, others can’t – each case is different. Celebrating someone’s life isn’t the same as celebrating addiction. To each their own and it’s OK to be insensitive but he’s still human which means he’s still someone’s son, someone’s brother, someone’s friend. You’re not hurting him with your words, it’s not damaging his image or what people think of him. He and everyone who loved him will live on. I just pray no one you’re close with goes through something like this, I don’t think you’re capable of processing or grieving.

    • Dustin
      Dustin says:

      Let everyone know who you really are instead of hiding behind a fake name coward. JJ was a best friend, brother, I know for a fact he would never do heroin though you are trying to start rumors and slander his name.

  5. Dabbin on them ho's
    Dabbin on them ho's says:

    I have a legitimate question. If all you fucks cared about him so much, and you can google his name and immediately find his mugshot, and his arrest record… Don’t tell me you didn’t know he had a problem, so tell me why you didn’t help him. Not one fucking word about the kid who always treated those I knew like shit and his drug usage because it was socially acceptable and cool brooooo ??. None of you fucks did anything about it, and if you did try, obviously not hard enough. Don’t bitch now if you didn’t try enough before. Literally know nothing but bad things about this individual, not talking shit this is straight truth like it or not. You condemn those that say what he was but again did nothing to prevent this, when you all clearly care about him so much. ?????? basic bitches.

  6. Dustin
    Dustin says:

    If you didn’t like him, leave it to yourself. This is an article about the good in him and the ones that cared for him. Wish I knew who y’all were and didn’t hide behind fake names. I’m that one friend everyone has who you really don’t want to piss off that many can vouche for. Cowards.

  7. Steamboat local
    Steamboat local says:

    He did have a problem with drugs. He was physically abusive to certain significant others. He did get caught with a bunch of cocaine and lsd. Was he a positive member of our society? No. A lot of his friends are thieves, drug dealers, drug addicts, or dead. Nice kid? Yes,but that won’t get you everywhere. Rest easy. I wish you had better influences in life

  8. not important
    not important says:

    I wasn’t very close to Jordan but i know even if he was using he should not be classified as a addict he is a person who meant something to people and his life was taken way too soon. If you have never experienced addiction and knew someone who has then you will never know the struggle. No ones life deserves to be cut so short. Rest easy Jordan. No matter what the real story is about how you passed the people who you mean so much to will never judge you.

  9. Dustin
    Dustin says:

    Shit we have the same name Dustin… What’s your last name bud maybe we are the same person. Lol what’s last name… Conklin??

  10. Angela
    Angela says:

    Knew Jordan his whole life. I love him and his family like family. Regardless of his problems our loss and love will never change. The mean comments are not right. Look in the mirror, nobody is perfect. Reveling in a person’s death and making these comments makes you no better than. Jordan had a good spirit and will be missed by so many

    • Brent
      Brent says:

      Talking about how a guy that sold drugs to others being a good spirit is like saying a piece of shit is worth it’s weight in gold.

      He’ll be missed by no one and forgotten.

  11. Naty
    Naty says:

    Idk if he did heroin or not but I just found out he died and I’m sorry to his friends and family I only met him a few times but he was a great person. Whether or not he did heroin. Heroin fucking sucks and you will never understand if you have never had to deal with it.

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