Cole Navin’s FULL PART re-edit from Rendered Useless

Brought to you by a really cool vintage sponsor, the part of the year you only heard about because you were too cheap to buy the movie.

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  1. Trillbo Swaggins
    Trillbo Swaggins says:

    Are you guys implying that everyone didn’t already see the full movie when it was free online

  2. really
    really says:

    are you not even going to cover the fact that this is a re-edit? It’s not his actual part from the movie. did you watch the movie?

  3. coldplay sucks, but this is still good
    coldplay sucks, but this is still good says:

    Even though its a re-edit, hats off to matt for putting this out. Thanks roobs 🙂

  4. denis bonus leontyev
    denis bonus leontyev says:

    it makes me happy there is one snowboarder that’s better than me
    btw does he lift? he looks jacked AF

  5. gary Nor'Easter
    gary Nor'Easter says:

    I think east coast brains are just wired better than west coast brains in terms of creativity. Do more with less!!

  6. Mackdawg
    Mackdawg says:

    Saw kid do the coffin slide on the long Oakley down rail at loon early season last year. Blew my mind

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