People’s Court: Russell Chai vs Justin Shore

This week we got two kids, who I am almost 90% sure both ride somewhere in Canada. But I’m not sure, so I won’t make any Canadian references. Both these kids rip, but there can only be one winner. No participation medals here, eh?

This season, the People’s Court is brought to you by So-Gnar. Winners will received a super limited So Gnar x 686 Coaches jacket.  Want to take part?  Battles are open to any amateur snowboarder – you can be sponsored, just not getting paid, son. Send your edit (hosted on Youtube of Vimeo) to [email protected] 

  • zeachy keen

    russel i suggest not making your opening clip a zeach, and changing that soundtrack…

    • zeachy keen

      besides that it was good

  • jerry garcia

    justin is prince of the zeach country

  • justin shore

    Yooo I gotta big dick

  • george w. kush

    at first I thought Justin was just riding bad ironically like that Mark Goodell video, then i realized he was actually just bad

    • markisharki


  • Anal

    Russell did like 5 tricks on diffrent rails all zeach and sketch landings, 80% of video was filler of him walking

    • WHY

      wHWy was he walking so much lik e comeon nAM SNOWBOARD YA PUSSY ASS NIGBITCH

  • Jenkem

    Man Russell with over 100 votes, man someone loves that refresh button and a so gnar jacket

  • fuk yo drones

  • lol

    how did justin not make it on rejected edits

  • Pink Floyd

    Justin had better style, better filming, and a better song but he was missing the tricks. Still got my vote.

    • CalUraPu$$y

      might have to get a protractor out on those 30 degree board slides tho

    • Dos Cadenas

      Didn’t Connor Brown use that song like 4 years ago to one of the better park edits of the time?

  • no one of importance

    so if this was judged on song choice, filming, and “style”, begging the question, do either of these dudes have any? Yes justin shore would win, but if it was based on talent the other kid wins, i don’t know why care about this, yobeat commenters frustrate me, goodbye.

  • CalUraPu$$y

    Yobeat should make an article on how to make a competent snowboarding edit because i’m getting really tired of this shit.

  • my bitch

    *walks onto snowboard*
    “fuCK yYA”