Ted Borland Methods of Prediction FULL PART

Hi Sue! let’s get some basics out of the way. Was Ted ever an Edward?  Or was he a Ted from birth?

We picked the name Ted first.   And then decided officially he’d be an Edward on the birth certificate.  But he’s always been Ted …. unless we want something or he is in trouble.  Then it is “Edward James”!!

Did people in the village ever refer to you as “Mother of Giant” instead of Sue?  Because if they did, it was probably because of Ted. Ha ha. 

No.  But everyone in our family is tall starting way back with Ted’s great grandmother. You guys are a “ski” family.

Does Ted standing sideways make him the Black Sheep?

It was kind of tough at first and hard to accept.  His first time was in Colorado on a vacation in about 6th grade.  But we still insisted on a ski program the next season and he could snowboard only in the afternoons.  Then he finally convinced us that he only wanted to snowboard.  By the time he could keep up with us on the board (which was really soon) we had gotten used to the idea.  Not to mention we saw how much he loved it.  But it was a year or two for the total transition.

Was getting a signed Travis Rice split board enough to get your husband Dave out snowboarding?

Without a doubt.  He lost a bet to Ted.  He enjoys it and is getting lots of help from his Mount Snow friends.  Ted even gave him some skins and Dave is waiting for the powder to try them out.  It’s been fun so far.

You housed the entire Think Thank crew and many others as well last season, what was it like being at the epicenter of snowboarders getting wild in the streets?  And are we invited back?  

We just loved it!  The ‘Borland Bed and Breakfast’ is always open to you guys!  Can’t wait to have you back.  You are all our ‘kids’.  Despite all the gear, chargers, smelly socks and sleeping bags everywhere (even under the dining room table) it was a blast to have you around.  Especially since I didn’t have to cook much.  And Dave is ready to show you a couple of fun places to ride in the area that he has found.  Come on back to visit!

Out of all Ted’s video parts which one is your favorite?  

We really like the latest – Methods of Prediction.   Is it nerve racking watching him or exciting?  Exciting!  We don’t really get too nervous watching him in general because we know that he started with coaches from Mount Snow and worked his way up to all of the crazy stuff.  He has taken it a lot farther than back in those days but we think he got some good basics there.  Of course I’ll admit that watching him live is a little more nerve wracking than on film.  On film you see the successful fun stuff and you miss out on the falls that probably happened.  But it’s all so much fun to watch! Ted’s younger brother Jack is an accomplished free skier.

Would the ultimate thing as a mom be to have a shared Jack / Ted video part? 

And if so, what song would you set it to? We would love it!  How about “Snow” by Red Hot Chili Peppers?

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  1. Goffstown
    Goffstown says:

    I have been waiting to see someone tackle the whole mountain view rail for as long a I can remember! Crazy part looked like the guys was hyped the whole time!

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