Claim: A Short Film About Snowboarding in New Jersey

It’s all relevant.

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  1. Nope, just Chuck Testa
    Nope, just Chuck Testa says:

    you might’ve thought that was koch cave manning off the tube… nooope, just chuck testa

  2. PoofaceKilla
    PoofaceKilla says:

    Enjoyed it.. Doesn’t take the best level of riding to make a edit worth watching.. Or the biggest features.. I think that’s what makes edits like yawgoons, trollhaugens/hyland stuff, & old sunday in the parks ,which changed online edits forever, so fun to watch.. We can relate more to the features and imagine ourselves hitting them, unlike in big productions.

  3. FilmerD
    FilmerD says:

    I was hesitant at first, but this edit was pretty tight. Pretty much sums up snowboarding at mountains with 4 month seasons.

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