Claim: A Short Film About Snowboarding in New Jersey

It’s all relevant.

  • Nope, just Chuck Testa

    you might’ve thought that was koch cave manning off the tube… nooope, just chuck testa

  • GetWyld

    At least one of those shots was in NY

    • Thunder Cunt

      what about the 10+ that were in PA?

    • I hate myself

      Pretty sure every shot was either at Creek or Big Boulder.

  • PoofaceKilla

    Enjoyed it.. Doesn’t take the best level of riding to make a edit worth watching.. Or the biggest features.. I think that’s what makes edits like yawgoons, trollhaugens/hyland stuff, & old sunday in the parks ,which changed online edits forever, so fun to watch.. We can relate more to the features and imagine ourselves hitting them, unlike in big productions.

    • the claimed

      Thats dope, i like how you think. I believe we can all learn from you.


    does anyone know what facemask that is at 1:10 or one of that same camo style

    • Andy C

      @colorblynd coming soon 🙂

    • @snowboarderswhovape

      special mask by colorblynd to make vaping on the hill easier while staying warm

  • FilmerD

    I was hesitant at first, but this edit was pretty tight. Pretty much sums up snowboarding at mountains with 4 month seasons.

  • Broldiño

    Quentin the bitch