Salomon Snowboards is jumping on that global am bandwagon, and Tommy G is the newest addition to the team.

Film & Edit by Colton Feldman


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  1. cascadia411
    cascadia411 says:

    Burton blows it again! Instead of turning Tommy pro after a banger part in VG they cut the whole team that goes on to sign huge contracts with Salomon and DC. SMH Hey Burton keep cutting your team and real snowboard companies will gladly take your rejects…Except The real Jeremy Jones knowbuddy wants him. So far the list of cut or quit recently…John Jackson, Nicolas Muller, Tommy Gesme, Jeremy Jones, Knowbuddies, The whole Forum Team. Maybe its time to cut the Dachsyns, get rid of the contest kids and start focusing on what’s important. The mountains and the streets! Jake and Donna you’re running that company into the ground. Craig Kelly is rolling over in his grave.

    • Mackdawg
      Mackdawg says:

      Did you seriously just refer to Salomon as a “real snowboard company”? Burton might have alienated their “core” side of the market but burton has majority market share and they are the biggest name in snowboarding; once again regardless of who is running their company, they’re not going anywhere.

      • Guerde
        Guerde says:

        Salomon been there long time though. Long enough to be real me thinks. Doing it right for long time too. K2 been doing good too. And both never shying away from the skier background. Burton trying to be like a skicompany without making skis is a bit sad. Mervin make skis, nobody cares. Cause they do it right. Burton pisses off people because they make marketing decisions that make no sense to most non-industry people man. Who the fucking fuck kills Knowbuddys and goes Gwen Stefani?!
        Burton make top quality shit, but they are hard to understand man.

      • Exactly
        Exactly says:

        Yeah, and DC, hahaha! A shoe company and a ski company, both owned by parent corporations, and both publicly traded on the stock market.

        Say what you will about Burton and their questionable decisions regarding dropping riders, hiring strange bearded deadheads, etc. But they are STILL a privately owned company, based out of Vermont, AND founded by a guy who literally help invent snowboarding as we know it.

        • Mackdawg
          Mackdawg says:

          I can totally see both sides of it. And yeah the shit burton is doing is whack as fuck we all know it. But all us idiots on this site forget that that we are the minority in snowboarding. Sucks to see a once great company that’s done so much for snowboarding doing lame shit, but regardless, they’re trying to appeal to a new demographic that doesn’t include us. Support whoever you want idc. It’s only snowboarding after all.

          • nwnick
            nwnick says:

            the real money is in rental board fleets. whens the last time you saw a rental board at a resort that wasnt burton?

        • Guerde
          Guerde says:

          He was clever to get innovative riders to give input on the boards. If Craig stayed with Sims it would all have looked very different. But like a great coach he gathered a great team on which to build his success. And they really do make top quality products. It just that when you try to reach everybody, your essence gets watered down. Same as with music, sounds better when it’s done for itself, when it’s it’s own purpose. Just what I think. I have no illusions about business models being thrown away for the benefit of a core audience. Still sad to see though.

    • that guy
      that guy says:

      if you hate burton so much, why do you want all those people to stay on the team? burton is the only brand that can drop someone from the team and get so much shit for it, even from people who don’t like burton. i don’t understand.

      • Guerde
        Guerde says:

        Did you not read the post? This doesn’t respond to anything I said in the post. These are just random statements you’ve made. I never said any of that.

        • Guerde
          Guerde says:

          Sorry. Didn’t see the whole thread. Your response was, in fact, not to my post, but the one before. Oops.

  2. Nick Borghi
    Nick Borghi says:

    1 Tommy does not equal 5 Ethans. I’m stoked on Tommy too man, Ethan is fuggen insane tho, comeon. Erebodys fanning out on knowbuddy still, so yeah, we are all sure Burton would be kicking themselves if they depended on the Core’s opine…
    …5 Ethans. What court do you jest for?!

  3. Mid-E
    Mid-E says:

    You guys are going to hate me for this but am I the only one that thinks he has the worst style ever???

  4. it's business
    it's business says:

    Good for Tommy for getting on somewhere else, but he should be pro not a global am.

    You can hate on Burton, but it’s business and they needed to make cuts and have got rid of a lot of talent recently. You have to think of what brings them money, and it’s mostly contest kids. How many of you bought anything burton because of the knowbuddies? It sucks but that is business.

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