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Yobeat gets a lot of edits submitted and a lot of them are pretty ass. For those who are thinking about submitting an edit, if it’s anything like any of these: Please Don’t. Take some tips, and make YoBeat a better place.

Backyard Box Sesh

Rating: C
Although your sponsors are questionable ( ?), the tricks that weren’t landed at 90 degrees, weren’t actually that bad. However, no one wants to watch you and your bros ride the same backyard box for a minute and a half, or any other amount of time. It’s snowing where you are so I’d highly recommend riding and filming urban. Investing in an editing software that doesn’t make it look like this is a middle school project is a good idea too. Like, what was that title text? At least your song choice wasn’t trash, congratulations you backyardigans.

Sent From My iPhone 3

Rating: D
I feel like you and your friends got drunk on Hamm’s (bonus points for Hamm’s tho) and sent some “gnarly” resort tree runs and got in on camera. The amount of unnecessary shots of riding down a hill is too damn high. You could’ve easily made this an acceptable edit by cutting not only most of those shots, but also most of your poorly chosen B-roll shots, it just made the edit an overkill on length. Take my advice, keep the camera in the park, unless you think what you’re doing isn’t something someone could do who’s been snowboarding for three days. Also, I am seriously wondering if you filmed this on your iPhone 3, I don’t even think you can buy those anymore. Side note: The song choice was that of a self-conscious DJ.


Rating: C-
You can’t just rip off a title like that, IRPC has edits that put this one to shame, You need a new title ASAP. Aside from the uncountable box hits and butters on dance floors, the tricks were pretty solid, especially some knuckle tricks, very impressive. I like the Parental Advisory thing in the bottom right, but I failed to see why it was needed as you used a song that I feel like I jammed out too when I was 8, not saying that’s a bad thing, but hey. Also, no offense but “Antho” made the difference between B- and C-, a truly brutal part. I would suggest some new filming techniques, and not making edits longer than 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Good luck with your “Ste” company.

Snowboard Edit

Rating: ??
I would be able to rate this if it wasn’t for the poor filming and shitty editing. I hate to be harsh but you need a new filmer and some common sense when it comes to editing. The level of snowboarding was expected from someone who uses G-Eazy in an edit and titles it “Snowboard Edit”, but again, my main problem with this was the filming and editing, I mean, I could barely tell what this kid was doing, or if it was more than one kid at that. Some advice, GoPro’s don’t work at night, and spending 15 seconds on one trick isn’t tight. Best of luck in your future snowboarding endeavours.

Still Ugly | Episode 2

Rating: B
Twerking isn’t a thing in snowboarding, but I was stoked nonetheless to see girls put out an edit, Too Hard pretty much monopolizes girl snowboard edits, so this edit was some good change. However the amount of zeaches in this edit really gives you gals something to work on, zeaching isn’t sick, and I don’t think it ever will be. Also, straight airs aren’t sick, especially straight air falls, that’s how you end up on Jerry of the Day. I’ll give you some of the presses were im-press-ive and Lauren’s part was actually pretty sick, but next time try zero zeaches, limited straight airs and not jumping over rails unless you’re going the long way. Hope to see you make a Rejected Edit redemption, true potential.

The Lumberjack Chronicles […]

Rating: F
For a 5 minute long edit, the amount of snowboarding is about 30 seconds. The shitty editing, the talk of seahorse, the amount of falls on small rails and the guy with the tie-dye sweatshirt’s stance all adds up for a fat F on your edit. If you want to know how not to get an F, my advice is to get a new editor, never land 90 degrees or zeach, turn off slow-mo. like really turn that shit off, that is so annoying, especially when it’s not a complete banger, leave slow-mo in 2015. I feel like even if someone was so high they couldn’t walk, they still would not like this edit. Some serious re evaluation is required, and hopefully happens fast. To be completly honest, I couldn’t even get through all 5 minutes and I highly doubt any of you readers will be able to either. However, I’m sure if you take this much needed advice you’ll be able to get your squad edits to at least a C.

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  1. Honestly
    Honestly says:

    some of these edit are better than the ones you’ve been posting.
    i.e that ggillz edit was trash
    the humpdays have been better but half of the edit are complete shit

  2. Ron Swanson
    Ron Swanson says:

    Im gonna speak on behalf of all guys and say we are perfectly fine with tweaking in snowboarding.

  3. MtnGirl
    MtnGirl says:

    Props to the chick edit! Gotta agree that not many girls actually do that shit! So keep it up. As for the rest of them I couldn’t even watch start to finish.

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