People’s Court: Noah Franklin vs Blake Wollershiem

People’s Court is back this week with a Midwest match up between two rail rats. Both ride ropes, both hit rails, but only one will emerge victorious. Are you with a slowed down Drake or the upbeat Wu-Tang? Or are the Jerry’s taking over. Find out this week on People’s Court.

  • 1-800


  • Trillbo Swaggins

    Last clip in the jerry vid is the greatest thing I have ever seen

  • dude

    Vids were ok, but that Jerry video is unbeatable.

    I say unfair game.

  • Skier

    First kid rides like he has a stick up his beef hole. No style

  • Werty

    Blake just for the chair lift antics

  • Wut

    mid season video vs full season video. hmm…

    • Puff the Magic Dragon

      Last year full season = this year mid season
      get with it bro

  • Hylandia

    the first dudes board is so small. It makes me uncomfortable.

  • A L

    Does Noah really think we want to see the same trick on a diff rail 4 times? Esp when he comes off early… Cut those clips

  • Tyler.salsa

    My vote goes for Noah. The only guy I know that throws hammers while being shirtless more than Lisa Ann

  • What does my nigga Blake win

    • A So-gnar x 686 coaches jacket.

  • jerry

    noah>blake blake with that all fisheye night edit

  • Blake

    blake is no bueno, gotta say noah is better even with the same tricks off rails… blake had crappy filming, a dumb intro, and sketchy tricks on smaller rails

  • yeet

    blake got steez. Plus that back 3 on pretz 1 out was dope.