The 2015 Yobeat CANADIAN Awards, EH!


Since people did in fact seem to care about the Yobeat awards this year, we figured we’ll keep this party train going and throw a bone to our neighbor to the North. With the lack of SBC, Canadians generally have to count on themselves to hear about other Canadians doing things, so we’ve recruited Kody Yarosloski to do just that. These are his picks for the standouts of last season, not voted on by the public, but definitely correct, eh.

Boarder of the year: Nick Elliot

This is just one guy’s opinion, but Nick got it done last year. From defying the laws of physics boardin hefty kink rails in his standout part in the Pocket Figures’ video “Beyond Compare” to opener in the Footyfiend video, I couldn’t think of a better candidate.

Video of the year: Footyfiend

The Whistler based, trap music loving Footyfiend crew put out arguably one of the year’s best videos. The likes of Adam Franks, Nick Elliot, Braedon Wheeler, Kai Ujejski, and Brin Alexander along with a gang of homies supplied the flame and some very top notch boarding. That, along with a ruckus sound track made one hell of a film, it’ll leave you feelin some typa way, guaranteed!

Part Of The Year: Layne Treeter – Videogracias

Following his last year’s performance in “Duh Mixtape” The dude went absolutely mental! He Made a bush to rail look easy, and jumped off a bridge high enough to consider getting 12 to come and talk him down. Personally I felt that this part was a bit underrated and maybe should’ve been ender? But that’s none of my business. Either way well done, dawg

Best Switch Game: JJ Westbury
Switch is no game, but it’s child’s play for the homie, JJ. See more switch and regs wizardry from JJ and the rest of the SRD squadron in “Volume Three

Most Average:

Goddamn these fools were average! But don’t fret, word around town is they’re comin in hot with a sequel that doesn’t have any ABD songs!

Most anticipated video: Trash League’s “Play’d”

I’m sure the anticipation is killing you to! When it drops (it will) please drop everything and watch it immediately.

Most French: Nowamean

You know it’s true.

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  1. Dread Anderson
    Dread Anderson says:

    Thrash league is dope but it’s wack how they’re trying to get extra attention by not dropping the movie

  2. The man in the boat
    The man in the boat says:

    First of all if you’re gunna give an award for best switch game, it should go to popper Al. Second of all no mention of Poechman? You guys blew it on this.

  3. hahahahahaa
    hahahahahaa says:

    biggest fagget, organic cock eater, cig mooch, and over all queer bait canadian of the yeaR:::::: BEN POECHMAN

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