Three Things I Don’t Know How I Lived Without Until Now



Since moving to Boise, I’ve found myself on the road a lot. Luckily, gas is cheap and a few key items are keeping me happy while I trek around the American west. Because I assume I received these items in hopes of coverage, I will now so my best to make PR people around the industry look good with a list highlighting a few of the items I’ve received that I would not want to live without this winter.

Vans Sk8-HI MTE Shoes


The Vans Mountain Edition hi-tops have been keeping my feet dry, warm and happy all winter. Whether it’s a freak ice storm in Portland or a much of slush in Idaho, I can honestly say that I have yet to have these shoes soak through. They also have super grippy soles, which is good when your coordination and walking skills are as poor as mine. Mostly though, I like these because they look good with skinny jeans and I can pretend I am being fashionable, while enjoying all the function of winter shoes.

Sony a6000 Camera


If you caught my camera article before it was deemed “too spammy” then you’ll know I can’t shut the fuck up about the new a6000. Sony’s camera game is on point and this mirrorless camera is small enough to fit in my pocket while riding or the center console of my car while driving, meaning it’s pretty much always available to get the shot (number one feature I look for in a camera!) Then it succeeds in taking really, really good photos. While obviously there is skill involved in photography and the right operator can make magic with any camera, the Sony a6000 takes out most of the guess work. Honestly, I’ve been shooting all winter on intelligent auto and am yet to be grossly disappointed by a photo I thought would come out well. Not sure how it works, but it does.

Thule x Stanley Mug


Did you know Thule makes more than just racks and boxes for cars? Well, they do. In addition to a rugged iPhone case I have not yet managed to destroy, I also lucked into a Thule x Stanley mug, which I’ve found most gas stations will let you fill with coffee for $1. In addition to the savings, it keeps the coffee hot (almost too hot!) I left it in the car when it was well under freezing, and when I came back, the remaining coffee (of which there was plenty because it fits a lot of the damn stuff) was still hot and drinkable. And while I’m sure you could get a similar mug without a Thule label, it wouldn’t be quite the same, so track down one of these where ever they are sold.

So there you have it, three items that can/will make your life better, according to me. And none of these guys even pay us any money!

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  1. mcfunky
    mcfunky says:

    I used to work @ THULE, Everyone of my friends had got a free snowboard rack, Ha. thanks THULE. miss that place. great product. also love me some Brooke Geery. hands down raddest snowboard chick out there.

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