The 2015 Yobeat Awards Results Show

When we were in Big Sky, I was precariously trying to back up on a snowy road sidewalk and some lady frantically flagged me down and exclaimed, “Oh my god, do you have a backup camera!” Stunned, I thought about it for a second and was like, oh yeah, I do, and it’s covered with snow. The lady very deftly uncovered it and sent me along on my (much safer) way. The point of this story is, it’s 2016! Asking if you have a backup cam is totally a thing. But that doesn’t mean we can forget about 2015, which is why I enlisted Yobeat analyst Joey Leppien to break down the results of our authoritative annual polls and tell you what it all means, as well as what you can look forward to in the coming year.


Rider of the Year: Scott Stevens

Scott Stevens, man. What is there to say about Scott that hasn’t already been said? From basically pioneering a new age of one-foot and no-foot snowboard tricks, still filming heavy street parts, completely ridiculous skate edits, to being a regular in the I Ride Park City series, Scott never ceases to amaze. His ender part in ThirtyTwo’s full team movie, “2032”, was full of shots that make you tilt your head and wonder how moving your board in that way is even possible. That creativity and general luster, only found in someone like Scott, surely helped him secure his spot with the voters as Yobeat’s Rider of the Year. Congrats, Scott.


Female Rider of the Year: Mary Rand

When you’re born into a family that already has birthed one Yawgoon into the world, you’re basically being born with the silver spoon of snowboarding. Mary Rand, Yawgoon and sister to Marcus Rand, seemingly put forth her best effort this past year towards diminishing the relentless stereotypes associated with women snowboarding. From her cameos and shots in Yawgoon videos, to her insta-videos featuring Mrs. Pam Rand, to her part in Rendered Useless, Mary kept herself in the snowboarding spotlight. A tough venture to set forth upon, given the heavy criticism brought on by being a girl in the cold, cold patriarchy of snowboarding.  Mary is a heavy hitter, exciting to watch, and clearly has too much fun on a snowboard, but we never said there’s anything wrong with that.


Stunt of the year: Halldor Helgason’s existence

Honestly, Halldor, that mustache itself is death-defying enough. Add on top of that the fact that you allowed Stan to tag along on your European adventures, and you’re downright fucking nuts.

Everything Halldor does in the Sexual Snowboarding edits is head-turning. From the X-Games to instagram, the dude is everywhere. Let’s not forget the roof-to-roof backflip with his neck in a brace.

Known for his various edits composed of gnarly tricks and fun, entertaining riding, Halldor always has our attention one way or another.


Brand of the year: Dinosaurs Will Die

Because Sean and Jeff.


Rookie of the Year: Jesse Paul

Jesus Christ, Jesse Paul. The dude is something else. His Impaler part last year was one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever watched. I can’t tell you how many times some random kid I grew up with has posted the video of Jesse’s boardlide-backflip-boardslide on my Facebook wall. 

In 2015, Jesse won Rock A Rail, Rails To Riches, some SnowFlex contest in Virginia, tore up Hot Dogs N’ Hand Rails and SuperPark 19, and basically starred in every Mt. Hood edit. Jesse also earned the honor of a spot on the Session MFG. pro team, even though I still can’t believe he’s not pro for Salomon, still stoked for him on the Sessions team spot! On a related note, if you haven’t looked into the Sessions relaunch yet, do it. Jesse is nothing short of a fucking powerhouse and I truly can’t wait to see what he brings forth in 2016.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 5.19.04 PM

Video of the Year: Rendered Useless

Ah, man, Rendered Useless. The underdog, the David and Goliath of 2015. With team movies coming out from companies like ThirtyTwo and 686, and the typical powerhouses such as Videograss and Absinthe, it’s diffucult for a small group of guys like the Rendered Useless crew to make a heavy impression on the industry. With the videographic history that Jon Stark, Matt Roberge, and Eli Olsen all have combined, I think it would be hard for them to fail. Featuring riders such as Mike Rav, Johnny Brady, Fuckmire, Cole Navin, Mary Rand, etc., R.U. made a strong impact that was almost unforseen. Marty McStark and the boys did not disappoint, and fully earned the title of Video of the Year.


Video Part of the Year: Cole Navin – Rendered Useless

Cole Navin, one of my favorite riders and a close personal friend. Actually, I’ve never met the dude, but his part was fucked, nonetheless. I’ve always had an admiration for riders who can film a heavy part set to a slow, mellow song. Like Jed’s part in Shoot The Moon. Cole’s part had everything; gnarly shots, creative shots, one-footers, skating, etc. I’m also still not sure if my jaw has come up off the floor after trying to comprehend his ender trick. Strong work, Cole. Let’s be friends.

And during our commercial break we awarded trend of the year to carving! Hooray!

  • Sam


    • Tommy Hilfiger/Polo dead stock jackets and North Face outerwear.

    • Nads

      Fucking adidas track pants.

  • Wtf

    Cole navin should have been rookie of the year. No disrespect to jesse

    • tru

      Yeah Jesse kills is but he’s been on the scene for a few years now…

    • turn jesse paul pro

      Agreed, cole navin’s part was fucked and deserves to be rookie of the year. They should just turn jesse paul pro tbh.

  • sagesballsack

    I’ve watched my fair share of boarding vids, rendered useless didn’t do it for me. Although the riding was on point and Cole deserves every award, but the editing put me to sleep with to much lifestyle. AndI tried making it all the way to the end but Mike Rav Ruined the ender. Dudes a G but the part sucked

    • Trillbo Swaggins

      I thought it was good but it wasn’t exactly an underdog, every cool-guy snowboarder in the world was plugging this movie. Also only the second half of rav’s part was dumb, the first half had real tricks

      • Bastien

        I consider the last part as a bonus ! That’s really good to see some slope’s shred on a nice video like Rendered Useless !! They really have the good spirit of snowboard !

    • seanwhitefan69

      Well thats just like, your opinion, man.

    • Meetch

      It wasn’t the ender part, it was the outro for the movie. Roobs and Stark are on another level, so it’s understandable that you’re unable to comprehend this

  • Estes

    No legend category? Pfff

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    where’s the overhyped awards party with super awkward speeches, drunk pros from yesteryear, and a crowd of people talking amongst themselves who don’t give a shit? I want my money back.

  • Yeah Stark! Winter is coming!

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    Mrs lippeys car, is blue

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    Bring back the new show!!!!

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    footy fiend voty

  • haters

    Everybody hating on rav, go watch an old loonatics episode and shut up.

    • Read the “Rav hate” comments again

      Nobody is hating Rav, everybody is hating how his part in Rendered useless was boring as shit and shouldn’t ever be the ender part. I get that the whole Rendered Useless was Ravs idea but if that guy had even the littlest bit of common sense he would have given the ender to the guy who it really belongs to, Cole Navin.

      • no

        and the second song in his part was absolutely horrible…

      • jaek

        I don’t think Rav gave himself ender. Regardless, his part is exactly what snowboarding is supposed to be. If it bothers you so much just turn it off after Navin.

        • wut

          snowboarding is to ride a snowboard. fuck what you think it should be.

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    Footyfiend!! Video, rookie, part, and trend of the year

  • y u do mary like that?

    did yall really crop marys face onto caitlyn jenners body?

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    Navin should have won Rider of the year, rookie of the year, along with part of the year

  • pretty good huh?

    How’s it feel knowing Jon Stark hates the fact you guys actually like his movie

  • So much better than Snowboarder Mag’s ROTY

    you know.