Snowboarding to Bowie


In honor of the loss of the great David Bowie, it is the obvious solution to post a a couple snowboard segments with his songs. Unfortunately, unearthing parts via the usual sources (google) hasn’t yielded much, and my brain has never been one to link parts to songs much less remember them more than 5 minutes beyond the time I saw the part.

Catfish is always good for a classic throwback, and yes, Internet edits should count.

The closest thing we’ve found is David Bowie and Queen thanks to, which is awesome but not as awesome as this or this.

Gigi’s Part in Never Not was also set to The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, but Nike apparently wiped it clean from the Internet so you’ll have to remember yourself or take our word for it. If you’ve got others, remind our tired old brains in the comments, because if anyone knows, it’s you. We’ll do our best to approve links in a timely fashion if you have those too.

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