An Hour in Red’s Backyard

Red’s backyard is poppin!

Brendan Sullivan
Max Bigley
Cody Cooper
Chris Sypert
Kyle Hay

Film and Edit:
Greyson Clifford

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  1. fathers everywhere
    fathers everywhere says:

    niggas jumpin niggas thumpin niggas harumphin out dey noodle when dey got dat cold flo

  2. Please
    Please says:

    Why is every edit edited to some brainless bullshit “rap” song?? Yobeat please do something to help

      • Please
        Please says:

        I watched the first 104 seconds and counted 3 back two fakies on the same rail. I don’t care if some of them was switch because there’s still at least 2 exactly same tricks and one exactly same looking trick.

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