Maria Hilde’s Romantic 2014/15 Season

Hopelessly romantic.

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      • Hmmph...
        Hmmph... says:

        This is great example of why Too Hard gets clowned on- if Maria’s aprt was cut in half it might be okay. But there’s too much tiny unimpressive stuff- the crap at 1:26? really? I see that shit and it totally negates the good tricks…which is a total shame.

        Dina has a banger part and Maria could’ve too. Just because you filmed stuff doesn’t mean it needs to be included. If its in your season edit I have to assume that your claiming it as your best stuff..

        I’d rather see a good short clip than two minutes where half of it could’ve been done anybody at my local hill.

        ps- dump ’em out…

  1. chick here
    chick here says:

    Ha, that song was weird. And the edit was a little long.
    However, I think I will start wearing my hemet and more pink more often. thx <3

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