Mike Rav, Danimals and Terje Are Going to Tour North Korea’s New Ski Resort


Newsweek is reporting that three of the “World’s Top snowboarders” – Terje Haakonsen, Danimals and Mike Rav have been invited, possibly by Kim Jong-Un himself, to tour North Korea’s new all-star ski resort, a trip valued at $2,900. Because the whole story is pretty fucking crazy, we decided to speculate about how, out of all the snowboarders in the entire world, they selected this crew of modern superstars and we think we figured it out!

  1. Terje– Kim Jong-un respects fellow dictators and since he sees Terje as snowboarding’s dictator due to his Olympic boycott.
  2. Mike Rav– The diplomatic pick, Kim Jong-us knows Rav can make riding on tiny little mounds of man made snow look amazingly enjoyable.
  3. Danimals – They couldn’t get Shaun white so they asked for the “next best Ginger.” Shaun had to decline the initial invitation for fear he would receive Rodman-style blow back for cavorting with Kim Jong-un. However, Jong-un will definitely back Danimals’ military-like technical precision… and the fact he’s always droppin bombs.

Anyway… sounds like a fucking crazy trip.  Read more news here and the most witty commentary most likely on Facebook.

  • J


  • Bruce lee

    How was aj lawson not invited? He backed north korean snowboarding since day 1

  • col. forbin

    I’d stay home, not worth it

  • alex

    Holy shit, I can’t believe this is real. Crazy world out there folks.

  • Jwhite

    How the fuck is this real?

  • thoonder coont

    soo.. what are your guys theories of how danimals, and especially mike rav were 2 of the 3 to be invited? hell, even terje. i would have thought they would have just invited the top people from the olympics.

    • huge hog

      Ol’ Kim must get on Yobeat

    • Thunder Cunt

      im thinking they decided to look up whos popular in the industry about 3-4 weeks ago when this was probably thought out. which happens to be the time mike rav had that interview on snowboarder mag which they might have stumbled upon? im legitimately curious. not saying “wtf mike rav sucks blah blah blah”.. him and danimals are just some of the last few people that i would have thought would be the ones to be selected

  • col. forbin

    as much as we all love Rav, “Worlds Top Snowboarder” is kind of funny to hear

    • “We all love Rav” is kind of funny to hear

      No we don’t love Rav anymore because he robbed the ender of Rendered Useless from Cole Navin

      • lol

        just pretend cole’s part is ender and rav’s part is the closing credits that you only watch once to check for behind the scenes content

  • Danimals!!!

    Mark McMorris, Seb Toots and Shaun white are propably somewhere crying because they weren’t invited

  • ayy lmao

    “Core” rail snowboarding has gone mainstream friends, time to start worshipping unknown powder wizards

  • Zzzzz

    Uritours hit up snowboardermag. They picked the 3 boarders

  • The interview

    The CIA is currently training Danimals, Rav, and Terje on how to kill Kim Jong Un



  • foreal

    is it even possible to turn down this offer?

    • dude

      I feel like this is a plan by North Korea to attack South Korea. Kidnap 3 Americans as hostages, and America will bend their ass over to protect them. American will keep South Korea from bombing North Korea because it would endanger the lives of the three.

      Unless Obama gets Putin’s balls, he won’t do anything about the kidnapping except throw cash at them.

      Ransom: let North Korea host the 2018 Olympics.

      • ill a noiz

        terje is not American, and danimals is from another planet

  • Drew

    This is a magazine trip put together by the editor. I think the idea was to take a legend and 2 younger, very well behaved snowboarders that won’t get in trouble and can get footage on whatever type of terrain.

    • Jerm’s Mom

      Only way they’ll get into trouble is if Terje calls Kim gay

  • Seriously Though

    There is no fucking way I would go do this

  • Truth

    Kim Jun’s core af

  • JRW


  • mikegrass

    it’s a diverse group, we all know how much they value diversity in the North

  • wut

    Is it just me or does this kind of seem like a bad idea…