Nightmarea 51


Riders: Jade Phelan, Josh Carreola, Alex Malik, Sean Murphy, John Myre, Stu Wozniak, Josh Boeser, Christian Handahl, Eric Gronneberg

Edit: Alex M.

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  1. hp
    hp says:

    I’m too old to snowboard anymore. I have to wear functional outerwear and shit. I think my days of being hip are over. God help me if I start dressing in all black gore-tex. o

    • nerds
      nerds says:

      I don’t get it? they’re wearing normal snow pants and sweatshirts because guess what, you get pretty warm when you’re actually doing hard shit. you look cool too though don’t you worry.

  2. EC Kook
    EC Kook says:

    I love Nightmare, and every video they put out. I’d totally buy one of their boards if I wasn’t so gay for the Rome “No Hang Ups Rocker” but keep it up Nightmare I love you guys.

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