Shaun White and Darcy Sharpe Win the Dew

Apparently the Dew Tour is still a thing. Who knew? We’re off galavanting at Dirksen Derby in Bend, OR this weekend, but we’ve got some PR photos fro your viewing pleasure.

Shaun White was back in the pipe taking the win. Darcy Sharpe won the streetstyle event in Downtown Breck. Nial Romanek took the best trick on the streetstyle course. And Anna Gasser won Women’s Slopestyle. Men’s Slopestyle finals go down Sunday and we can’t wait to hear who wins.

Ayumu_Hirano_Men_Snowboard_Pipe_Final_Dew_Tour_Breckenridge_Baldwin-0606 Ayumi Hirano, second place in pipe. 


Shaun White in black.


OMG straight to Instagram #Shaunsgoateeissodreamy


Dylan Alito, second place in “streetstyle.”


Nial Romanek won best trick with a switch nose press to switch backside 180. 


Anna Gasser took the women’s slopestyle win. 

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    Ayumu Hirano. Ayumi is a girl’s name.