#tbt: Strangers Welcome EP 6: Boreal

it has come to my attention that we all felt a similar contempt under the seasonal vacation migration of shitbag cityslickers unto our respective holylands. our home at boreal was not spared. in fact, it was a grade A holiday shit show. it was as if baby jesus, the reason why the entire bay area decided they had to come to boreal for the week, was immaculately conceived and delivered into the hands of satan.
which is actually pretty tight.
that’s why dan took the ol’ cam out and we joined the crowds on hill to make our sixth installment of strangers’ welcome.
sixth edit –
David Gray, Armeen Pirooz, Ian Daly, Mizl Adams, Felix Mobarg, Philip, Johnny Brady, Danny Kern, Ricky Koukal, Jasper Tripp, Jared Mcdaniel, Daniel Salazar, Casey Pletz, Shane Sayers, Dom Adwards, Reddog, Riley Nickerson, Keenan Cawley, Alex Fuzie, Chad Blau, Brian Wilson
Danny Kern
Sweaty Faces – Cherry Glazerr, Perfume – ASAP Ferg

  • i fuk wit it

    It’s takes a lot for me to watch a park video twice but god damn tho. I guess stranger things have happened..wewe hail satan

  • ok

    I wonder how much Strange Brew pays to have old edits posted again.


    • The internet

      Nothing. What’s wrong with a resurface of a classic?

      • basshole

        nothing wrong with it, wouldn’t have been that hard to add a “throwback” or “TBT” to the title though.

  • Bad move

    Brooke your running out of content, get it together.