Under Review: The NOW Drive Binding by Jeremy Jones



Product reviews are a tricky and sometimes sickening thing, usually you look around and read a little, watch some Youtube clip with some sales kid from a shop you have no existed read the information off the tag or box.

How many times can you listen to some description of the snowboard flex being a 6 out of 10? Undeniably not a 5 or a 7 but a 6. BS… Or how many times have you heard this regurgitated description of a brand “we wanted to contribute to the snowboard world we love, and knew we could add something that was missing. We saw the need for a company that did things differently – a company that listened to their riders”

Let’s just call a spade a spade.

It’s a medium flexing board, it’s just a snowboard company, and the NOW Drive by Jeremy Jones is a snowboard binding. That said, it’s an undeniably high end, comfortable and well-made binding that will hold up to what you put it through. But it also feels exactly like every other $300 plus binding. Does the king-pin style skate tech work? Sure, not that I even noticed the difference.

If you want to read the tech and details, do it here. And if you trust my word, I’ll tell you after riding them multiple days, in different snow conditions, they are a solid purchase. I mean, hell, they’re good enough for Jeremy Jones, and I don’t ride nearly as hard as that guy. And while we’re name dropping, add in that NOW owner JF Pelchat is a Canadian legend, not just for his wild(cat) antics, but for his riding and influence too, so you can feel good knowing who your purchase supports.

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  1. El Gato Grande
    El Gato Grande says:

    This is a review now – bagging on other reviews and posting a link to the manufacturer website? Bunk hipster bullshit – if you think the NOW Drive rides like the Union Atlas ($270) or the Burton Malavita ($300) you’re wrong, no question. This is like a bad shop kid documented. “They’re all bindings man – just get the color you like…”

  2. Actual shop kid
    Actual shop kid says:

    So, you’re telling me that the rope tow rail kid should grab this binding? your not even going to skim crossed the flip-it strap that actually has something that other bindings don’t? Shame all Now gets from you guys is one ad and a review that doesn’t do shit for anyone

    • Actual Shop Kid Is Mistaken
      Actual Shop Kid Is Mistaken says:

      The “flip-it” strap has been something Burton Malavita’s had for like 4 years.

  3. sman
    sman says:

    Hard to imagine JF making something kooky. I have been wondering about these, sman sense gets all jiggity seeing another new binding concept, especially one with a hinge. They look comfortable I suppose. Which jeremy jones we proing here? 360 shove it binders or ice crampons?

  4. Bull$hitBoyz
    Bull$hitBoyz says:

    All this hinge tech, flex garbage….what it means is that you have to flex that much harder to get the board to turn or do what you’d like. Easy answer is to tighten your boots less if you want a skatey feel or to buy softer boots. What a waste ….I challenge anyone to give me one really useful binding tech in the last 10 years. Weight….sure… Beyond the channel….which is a rip of of Rev snowboards and the forum system really— maybe that new burton strap that allows your ankle strap to lay flat….but it’s a little plastic piece right? The rest of the $$$ you dropped …sorry son it was a waste of $$. Shoulda saved for more lift tickets bro.

    • SMAN
      SMAN says:

      I will take that challenge and address it with the toe strap that goes over the front of the toe. Pretty sure that came out in the last 10.

  5. Big Dwibe
    Big Dwibe says:

    Jf Pelchat, tabarnakin all day, its the Quebecois way, making bindings all day that niggas here to stay.

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