YOUGOFIRST: Nothing Really Extreme FULL MOVIE

Yougofirst collective is proud to announce our 3rd snowboarding film. Past season we’ve tried to keep ourselves entertained by the pleasure of snowboarding. We met friends, gathered for several occasions and tried to film something for the love of memorizing the good times. It’s not hard to admit that things look a bit different now, years went by, people got interested in other aspects of life and snowboarding is far from priority for majority of the crew. It could be said that we finally entered the horrors and pleasures of the everyday grown up life. However, the shred remains. There’s a natural need for snowboarding inside every one of us that will never going to disappear. “Nothing really extreme“ is an ode to these feelings; to traveling, hanging out with friends, snowboarding and good times.

Cut: Matic Zavodnik
Artworks: Rina Barbarić
Filming: Philipp Ramppel & Vid Barić
Riding: Žiga Rakovec, Georg Obermeissner, Matic Zavodnik, Georg Ischepp, Vid Barić, Stefan Langgartner, Flo Potzl, Nejc Pucko, Peter Podlogar

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