Danny Davis’ Peace Park 2015

Production value? Check. Sick snowboarding? Check. Danny Davis being zany? Check. It’s official the 2015 edition of Peace Park video has it all!

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  1. alex
    alex says:

    Can’t help but mention there is a very famous skateboarding spot in montreal called ‘peace park’. I’m sure its a coincidence though.

  2. sman
    sman says:

    Noticed a lot more synchronized big budget park video’s going on lately.. perhaps the Olympics are really helping snowboarding after all.

  3. Mackdawg
    Mackdawg says:

    Regardless, if this doesnt make you want to go snowboard you might have downs syndrome. I wish i could rip half as hard as these contest cats

  4. yunglean
    yunglean says:

    Probably the sickest park video I’ve seen in as long as I can remember. cheesy nbc shit, but holy fuck that looked fun.

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