Kody Williams and Brett Wilkison are so Gangster


Edit: Skyler Riley

  • !

    alright alright

  • we’re doomed


  • The Ghost of Scott Siefert

    The forced Magoon crook arm in this edit makes me cringe

    • doyourhomework

      except Lucas doesn’t do that.

  • Danny’s ghost

    This is the best Too Hard edit yet

  • Yo

    Kody Williams is a douche.

  • Please just snowboard

    Some pretty rad cig smoking clips in this boiz #finally18 #youcanttellmewhattodomom

  • marlboro man

    white filters are for fags.

  • sketchy biznass

    hmm funy ender. was that a bail you cut the minute you hit the ground to play off like a make?

  • TryAndGetItRight

    vwey irrational snowboarding

  • 570

    did he not fully land the last trick? bruh

  • I am the liquor

    Strait fucked g’s

  • mellowyellow

    how old is brett wilkinson 30?

  • Oops

    Yeah the last trick wasnt landed. What a joke. People dont even try to make good content anymore. Every web edit is the same. Dudes trying to act cool and “funy” in front of the cam witg mediocre snowboarding and lame “hijinks”.