Why is flyinggg spelled with three g’s? Is this real life?

The earth revolves around the sun, at 5 billion miles per hour…. flying through space. Like an eagle in the sahara desert, circling its prey. Bright computer screens…. the stuff you watch isn’t even real….its just a duplication. But it’s funny. Whatever you do….fly.

When flying….go snowboarding at Brighton and Loon and any other place with people making anything to snowboard on. They provide playgrounds for a bunch of hooligan kids to jump up and down on pieces of wood for hours on end…. Its really crazy…. Kids on pieces of wood…. Doin whatever the heck they want…. They move snow….they make ditches…..Sessions are born…..Then it gets real….. things can get pretty crazy…….for good….and for bad…..but its all good…..cause were just kids on pieces of wood… its all good. Thanks park staff at the Bonezone at Brighton and Loon and all the other mountains…. too fun.

Duplicated unrealistic people versions of: Mike “Zeach Man” Gonsalves, Mike “Mike Rage” Rav, Katie “bushgirl666” Kennedy, Christian “Spencer Buelle” Buliung, Kevin “Gravedi99er” Court, Brandon “Bush” Hobush, Andrew “Dridge” Aldridge, Ian D, Cole “eyes” St. Martin, Tyler “Tay” L’heureux”, Sam “Sammy Blaze” Blaze, Travis “Travis” The Dog”, Parker “Porker” Szumowski, Sean “Whitaker” Whitaker, Logan “Logey B” Griffith, Kevin “The Boogey Man” Court, Kevin “Coach” Court. Blue Mouse. Azur Mouse, Sam “Stax” Staxwood, Christian “C-Sparks” Sparks

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  1. GetWyld
    GetWyld says:

    I got hyped watching these dudes build all sorts of rad log features on instagram for weeks andddd now I get 10 minutes of flat box and 32TF downrail footy…

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