People’s Court: Christian Mozeleski vs Brandon VanDyke

Utah vs. Michigan. Who zeaches less? Who rips harder? Will Brooke ever find true love on tinder? You might just find out this week on People’s Court!

This season, the People’s Court is brought to you by So-Gnar. Battles are open to any amateur snowboarder – you can be sponsored, just not getting paid, son. Want to take part?  Send your edit (hosted on Youtube of Vimeo) to [email protected] 

  • Big Panel

    Christian’s style made me feel uncomfortable

    • woah

      agreed. had some supriser hammers in there tho. work on that style tho!

  • what the fuck

    “i was up doing some early shit and was just like fuck it i can huck my 135lb body around 4 times off this massive jump, im marcus cleveland”

  • czeach

    if zeach boy wins, I’m done. snowboarding needs to get back to its roots of seeing how many corks you can do

  • really saw a lot of creativity within Christians video. the music played perfect with the theme. vandyke on the other hand had a sloppy style and I couldn’t watch the whole thing. awkward.

    • ehh

      except christian had no switch game.

      • Switch

        Cab 2 on a dfd?

  • Fuk u

    Brandon is og as hell that other kid lookin like slim Jesus he a fuck boi n he can’t hang

  • Shon

    Yo fuk you guys, christian killed it. Ya’ll wish you had half his talent.

    • slc punk

      No i dont wish i had his talent, cause i dont wanna zeach. punk


        You are the definition of zeach u little punk a55 b1tch

        • Shon

          You pussies couldn’t do what I do. Zech mother fuckers. SLC PUNK DOUCHBAG.

  • OGsk8rBoy

    I thought Christian’s video was good. The music cleverly tied into the video and it was very good looking. Yeah, okay it was sort of slop, but the second video was very slop man. Here in the Alps we don’t tolerate that. As for the third guy, his vid was not good. He is like getting interviewed by someone and then does one dece jump. Bunny slope man

  • Zeach lyfe

    Did someone accidentally put the rejected edits in the people’s court?

  • chyll bubs

    i heard christian goes to a for profit school

  • big pun


  • Moz or die

  • Mike Rav

    honestly, not enough rolling around on the ground in either party. However the kid in the in the last shot of Christian’s was pretty close to rolling on the ground. gotta go with my gut on this one. final vote Christian

  • Matt kirkwoods nipple piercing

    Christian Mozeach
    Pando park rules

    • pando

      Too bad cannonsburg bought it when it went for sale and closed it down…

  • Poo


  • Poo


  • snowbro in the struggle

    always gotta go with the kid who’s not already getting free shit yo

  • PoofaceKillah

    Christian must have many friends voting for him

    • Moz or Die

      Christian is a cool ass dude. how u gunna hate on that mane