Travis Rice’s The Fourth Phase | TEASER (4k)


Helicopters filming helicopters filming helicopters filming helicopters. In 4k!

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    • wait what
      wait what says:

      4k is becoming the new 1080p. Just get used to it. Sorry they’re not being trendy using dvx’s or vx’s with shitty 35mm film broll. There are also affordable cameras that have 4k capabilities (gh4,) that aren’t not even close to the price of a RED camera.

      • Roob
        Roob says:

        Panasonic has a 400 dollar 4k camera, and the 400 dollar GoPro’s record in 4k, so for content to be produced at that high of a quality it isn’t really a reach.

  1. Yobitch
    Yobitch says:

    We already know yobeat doesn’t like it because it has production value which costs money so it isn’t “core”. Fuck off, not every snowboard movie has to be filmed with a hvx.

  2. Dos Cadenas
    Dos Cadenas says:

    Doesn’t matter how terrible the music will be, or how ridiculously overdramatic every narration will be, or how tacky the drone shots will look… Travis Rice footage is always a treat

    • Hagfish
      Hagfish says:

      It’s still a shame that you’ve got to watch two minutes of bullshit for every minute of snowboarding. They should do a second cut of these movies with just the shredding.

      • JW
        JW says:

        I would take two minutes of bullshit over two minutes of some mid-west douche with a mustache pretending to skateboarding.

  3. malcolmsbx
    malcolmsbx says:

    No need to hate.
    Making movies is an art. This looks fricking beautiful! I’d much rather watch this (in 4K or otherwise) than the next blockbuster (starwars or whateva).

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