In the Mix with Mads: Mammoth Psuedo Opening Week!


Mammoth Mountain is open with more snow than basically all of last season. Madison Blackley hits the scene, rides the park, slashes pow and gets the inside scoop from Jonathan MacDonald, Justin Fronius, Chloe Kim, Tyler Flanagan, Possum Tor and Mary Rand on what you’re missing. TL/DR It’s fun!

  • joey

    yeah, we`re gonna need a check in with flanagan, prison seemed to have changed him

  • great riding

    flanagan back out. nice.

  • col. forbin

    Flanagan seems to have channeled his inner Boz

  • ?

    Wat he do prison 4?

    • Thunder Cunt

      from what i know and have read/heard.. assaulting his lady friend

    • Thirsty

      These hoezz ain’t loyal is my guess

  • Dos Cadenas

    Possums got the right idea. Colorado preseason is so packed you have to wait in line to hit a rail that you just hiked up because the lift line is 20 minutes.

  • bobbylight

    hyped to see Flanagan back out there. everyone makes mistakes man, learn and grow from them! hopefully everyone can forgive you and leave the past in the past, from what I’ve heard he’s got his shit together.good for him! Love a comeback story!!! One love.

  • guy

    i wanna see as much flanagan footy as humanly possible this year. dude has the best style

  • Desperate

    I would do unspeakable things just to have possum sit on my face for 5 minutes

    • but forreal

      I’d kill to be that beer bottle she licked

  • D.J. Deez NutZ

    Get Flanagan outta here. This isn’t football. Tell @Shredmamba to stop worrying about his Instagram followers and where are all the real edits yobeat!?!?

    • Deez nutz is a kook

      mamba is a boss and so is tyler. the dude fucked up and spent two years in jail.he did the time for the shit he did. let him be and do his thing.

      • D.J. Deez NutZ

        he definitely looks like he just got outta jail and sure his riding will say the same. Just cause you want shredmamba balls deep in your mouth doesn’t mean he can shred

        • DeeeeNutzzzzzgayyy

          i was up in mammoth this weekend and it didn’t look like tyler missed a beat. I couldn’t tell he hasn’t snowboarded in 2 years. the shit on he did in the first few days of riding on his Instagram most dudes at mammoth weren’t doing and they probably rode all summer. love him or hate him, but the dude is good and I have a feeling you’ll be wanting to suck him off when he’s murkin shit again. And mamba is such a boss. On and off the hill. you’re just a punk ass hater cause these dudes are better at riding than you. haters gonna hate.

    • Yo

      Tyler and Mamba are the shit!!!
      That comment about Mamba Instagram followers made me laugh though.

  • stumpdick

    Yo tflan hump day AFUCKINGSAP

    • yobeat idea guy

      Better yet make it a video Interview

  • compton

    Mamba white as fuck

  • Dough Boi

    Tyler beating that snow up, if you know what I mean.

  • Possum hatting on Colorado as she drinks a Colorado Beer. The Irony!