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TL;DR- Go buy Rendered Useless.

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Snowboard videos are not endangered. Despite the cynical snowboarder who gets a chub if Robot Food is even thought of, we won’t abandon them anytime soon. To those who bitch about the instant gratification and desensitization in snowboarding due to modern society, I’d like to reassure you. There are people like Jon Stark who will keep the snowboard video alive. It is is not in fact rendered useless at all. Bad puns, aside I’m writing this to tell you that Rendered Useless doesn’t suck! In fact, i’m gonna come out and tell you to buy it.

If you live under a rock and don’t know what Rendered Useless is, it’s a snowboard video by Jon Stark, Matt Roberge and Eli Olson. Marty McStark has pointed a camera for 1817, The Impaler, and High Cascade to name a few. This guy came back to the future after bringing us WFTC and WFTC2. We like him and give him the prestigious Yobeat stamp of approval.

Rendered Useless is the kind of snowboard video I’ll rewatch a year from now. It’s refreshing, it’s Supreme’s “Cherry” for snowboarding. It’s better than Videogracias, even with a Gus Engle part. I don’t think there’s a energy drink logo in it anywhere.

The whole thing starts with Biff from Back To The Future, is littered with art from Mike Rav, and has a disclaimer that I won’t talk about lest RU gets in trouble with PETA. (Ed: They should, chickens are people too.)

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 6.49.29 AM

Bar Dadon, photo: Jesse Gouveia

Anyways, Bar Dadon gets opener, followed by Johnny Brady. They jump down a lot of big stuff, which is pretty cool. Ian Boll has a solid part before the video breaks into a montage of pretty much everything that’s good about the East Coast. It’s beautiful, really. It reminded me of the first time I saw a video of the US Open. Fast forward some film burns and now it’s Jordan Morse battling a bunch of kink rails on a Knowbuddy board (RIP) and Jacob Krugmire has a mini part that surprised the shit out of me.

Parker Szumowski is next and puts together a lot of good tricks and also best bail of the video.
On to another montage section with some familiar faces before Jesse Gouveia’s part. Jesse has good style and definitely made the Soy Sauce Nation proud with this one.

Mary Rand comes in next and put down a serious part after a bunch of feel good shots of her teaching little ones to snowboard. If that section doesn’t make you appreciate whoever put your ass your ass on a snowboard for the first time you’re probably the devil. Buy this just for Mary’s part you savages.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 6.49.48 AM

Johnny Brady Jr. Photo: Ian Boll

Jayell White follows Mary up with a pretty good mini part with a funny snapchat intro and paves the way into Andrew Aldridge’s section. Andrew performs and has one of the longer parts, although I wasn’t super stoked on the song. Up until this point though the soundtrack has been on point – very modern sad boi melodica that somehow makes you feel happy.

More montage, a time lapse, and some low-key chicken murder later and we’re at Zander Blackmon’s part. He kills it and bring us into Vinny’s section, which honestly I’m a little scared to say anything bad about since I met Vinny this summer. Jokes aside, Vinny does some seriously fucked tricks, and easily has the rawest part.

Somehow despite what we’ve seen, Cole Navin comes through next with arguably the best part in the video, and definitely the best edited part. He might’ve planted the most no complys ever seen in a street part and did a few tricks that might make Jesse Paul nervous on top of a really strong rail part. Watch that one twice.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 6.49.38 AM

Cole Navin. Photo Matt Roberge

When Cole’s part is over we come to Mike Rav with the ender. Rav’s part is easily the most entertaining and oozes style the whole time. An entire section is dedicated to Rav rolling on the ground and hitting side hits. If it doesn’t remind you of  hot laps with your friends you need better friends. It’s a great part to end on and I’m not sure if they could’ve given it to anyone else, because I found myself wishing I was snowboarding by the end of it.

Conclusion- Rendered Useless is keeping snowboarding alive, go pay for it you cheap ass.

You can buy Rendered Useless and Rendered Useless memorabilia here.

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  1. damn...
    damn... says:

    bar as opener? eh. below average
    ian boll-decent
    aldridge-shitty song
    mary-one of the better parts I’ve seen from a girl
    jayell-extremely short but dope while it lasted
    cole navin-amazing
    mike rav-90% park footy u should’ve released last winter kind of a slap in the face the viewers putting this as ender. rolls around on ground a lot and doesn’t do anything gnarly

    • The Corporate Catfish
      The Corporate Catfish says:

      “We can’t sell style here at HQ Mike. All the big wigs had a chat around the boardroom table and we need you to do more “gnarly” tricks. Kids want to watch near death tricks. Style is out. Death is in.”

      • basshole
        basshole says:

        have you actually seen it? it’s not a “style vs. stunt” argument. it’s simply that after a very long and very good video, the ender is mike rav mostly doing spinnys on groomers at loon. i like that stuff as much as the next person, but we see it in plenty of edits and it doesnt deserve to be the “ender” after such a damn solid video. more importantly, it had legitimately the worst song i’ve ever heard.

        • fiend
          fiend says:

          the issue is Cole fucked up the game! and rather then being appreciated for his insane work he had his shine taking away by bullshit ground rolling around. respect where respect is due!

        • betweensnakes
          betweensnakes says:

          Dude it just doesn’t matter what you think deserves to be at the end of the movie, and if you can’t see how great that song was I DON’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOU!

  2. Trillbo Swaggins
    Trillbo Swaggins says:

    This movie kind of made me dislike mike rav. I enjoy watching most of his riding (except the rolling around shit) but Cole Navin really deserved the ender.

  3. It's 2015
    It's 2015 says:

    No one wants to see park footy in a movie. Otherwise the movie was fire and Cole Navin’s part was insane!!

  4. Boner
    Boner says:

    Most of Rav’s good shots are being saved for the Vans movie coming out next fall, same goes for a lot of other guys who are on Vans.

  5. satan
    satan says:

    Ravs riding and part shows what snowboarding is all about, going out and having fun, regardless of what tricks you’re doing, what terrain you’re riding. At the end of the day its all about fun and after 40 something minutes of solid street footage rav reminds everyone of just that. Thats why his part works as the ender

    • fun.
      fun. says:

      coles part was fun to watch because it was amazing, it inspired awe, and had different trick selection, good riding is fun. If you want to ride around like a goof ball and have fun please do! That is what snowboardings about, but just don’t film it and put it at the end of a movie people payed for. mike rav’s “part” could have been a pimp bouns feature

      • johnny garlic
        johnny garlic says:

        You missed the point completely. Also the movie streamed for 48 hours most people watched it for free

  6. grown ass man
    grown ass man says:

    I met Vinny at Hood this summer as well, and I have to say he is the absolute biggest douche I have ever met. He was being the biggest asshole to anyone who walked next to him, bitching about them walking on the rocks next to his chair…? He is why everyone thinks HCSC diggers are arrogant assholes. My friends and I came to the conclusion that he is obviously an alcoholic with a tiny penis and is extremely sexually frustrated. He has the most extreme “little man syndrome” I have ever witnessed. And also his 5050 indy grab (I know it was hard) was the gayest thing I have ever seen (due to the fact that he takes it so seriously) and couldn’t stop laughing at it.

  7. tyler
    tyler says:

    Ordered this cuz all the hype from other riders who weren’t featured. Was an awesome vid until the chicken incident, and it all went downhill for me from there. I initially appreciated Rav’s song, then I just couldn’t stand it. It made a statement, though – that’s for sure.

  8. Tcreem
    Tcreem says:

    Best film of the year. And props to Rav, dude’s a G despite what all you idiots think. He’s having more fun than you ever will and probably doesn’t give a shit.

  9. Nick
    Nick says:

    A lot of effort + semi-intelligent folks + Genuine Humans = Good Video

    Buy the film.

    Yobeat comment board = $

    Me = Hypocrite

    grown ass man = Big, Bad, Dumbass

    Put your dick on a can.

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