RIP Windells Snowboarding

Last week it was announced that in order to maintain authenticity in these trying times, the Windells lane on Timberline will go ski-only for summer 2016. While snowboarders will still be allowed to work at and stay at the Windells facilities in Welches, that kicker line is gonna be wu-tang as fuck from now on. Windells staffers who prefer one stick to two will allegedly be welcomed with open arms to the downbar paradise that is High Cascade’s snowboard park. While we can’t predict with any accuracy the success or failure of these new initiatives, we can say the creative set ups and shred-cohabitation of previous years will be missed. To give it a proper burial, here are a couple new edits of snowboarding at Windells from the summer past.

Buzz Holbrook

RIP Windells Snowboarding.

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  1. Trillbo Swaggins
    Trillbo Swaggins says:

    Fuck now there’s less camp edits to watch next summer. I might actually have to go outside or something

  2. Sn0sk8
    Sn0sk8 says:

    All the black people must ride in the back of the bus. Year of work to get along and one desision to separate the good will. Way to go guys.

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