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All good snowboard videos have a few things: A good opener, a proper ender, a solid soundtrack, and a beefy middle section to keep you watching. Brendan Barry’s recent offering ‘Boys Nite’ comes at you swinging with dirty beats from DJ Akoza backing a heavy 30+ stair back 50-50 from Max Tokanaga. Ben Bilodeau’s attacking style caught my attention almost immediately and reminded me a bit of ‘The Gonz’ and his all-out approach to skating. (Former) KnowBuddy Jake Kyle throws in a nice skate-inspired line on a brick garden wall at the 2:39 mark.

The only thing that slows down a bit heading into Jackson Fowler’s part is the music. The choice fits Fowler’s creative riding style well however, and his part is peppered with a couple cameos from front range staples including Austin Gregory, Jeff Holce, and Kit Henderson. Holce puts down a nice gap to 50-50 against a wall at 6:37 that deserves respect. Fowler’s strong effort is rounded out with a stylish gap to front lip down a rail over a bike path overpass.

Boys Nite continues to bring the hits and continues to offer solid soundtrack choices through the middle portion of the video with songs from Willie Nelson and the Steve Miller Band. The editing and filming style reminds me of late 90s/early 2000s skate videos with that same DIY, no budget feel. The homie video aesthetic of Boys Nite is one that will keep you watching, especially if you’re big into urban riding. Hell, even my powder-loving, surf-turning ass was entertained for the duration. This is a testament to the level of quality of riding and creativity held by the riders in this flick. If I can make it through an entire jib video, you’re doing something right.

Boys Nite finishes strong with a trio of riders upping the ante a bit. Squiggs’ ollie down some weird drainage feature at 13:36 caught my attention and held it through his work on a tricky rail to drop feature that he managed to nose press through after a couple of slams. Chris Sypert’s opening sequence is cop approved as he and the crew build an impressive rhythm section up and over a doorway on a building into a back 5-0 across an overhang. Sypert’s part continues with skate inspired lines and technical prowess. Kyle Hay gets the ending section over good beats by Thunderstorms and nails a boardslide down a kinky bitch of a rail which sends the rest of the crew into a frenzy.

I bought my own copy of Boys Nite and feel it was worth every bit of $10. The DVD comes loaded with bonus footage and is true to its DIY aesthetic to the point that the DVD cases are actually made of upcycled Coors Banquet packaging, I feel that this somehow garners Barry and his crew bonus points in some way. Supporting small, independent video crews like this is important in today’s age of major cinematic style productions, short Internet edits, and sponsor me tapes. Snag yourself a copy, have your buddies over, drink some beers, smoke some weed, throw in ‘Boys Nite’ and get hyped to ride.

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