Winner Announced: A Capita Quickstrike Peter Line Rainbow 153


This season, Peter Line and Capita teamed up to bring you the PL Rainbow 153 and now they want to give one away to one lucky Yobeat reader! But since these are super limited and sure to fetch a pretty penny on eBay or Vintage Snowboard Trader someday soon, we’re gonna make you work for it! To enter, correctly answer the following trivia questions (hint: all the answers can be found right here on Yobeat.)

How many incarnations of the Rainbow graphic have been on Peter Line’s snowboards over the years?
5 (also accepted 6, if you count the hand drawn rainbow on one of his Forum graphics.)

What company does Peter Line currently design outerwear for?

What was Peter’s original inspiration for the rainbow graphic?
A Sean Sheffey Skate Graphic

How many times has Peter won a Yobeat cook off?

There is a Peter Line documentary in the works. What legendary snowboard filmmaker is producing it?
Mike McIntire aka Mack Dawg

Congrats to Max Holzman of Essex, VT!

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  1. Bongo
    Bongo says:

    Quick google search shows at least 3 different online shops that sell this board. Can’t be that rare if Capita is the one that built it. They will sell anything anywhere to make money. Sick graphic though!

      • Bongo
        Bongo says:

        I have the 05 Peter Line forum with the rainbow on it. I get the history. I’m just saying Capita makes shit “seem” rare but then they end up selling it everywhere and anywhere to make some $$$.

        • gerry
          gerry says:

          CAPiTA actually has one of the better distribution models out there, only producing what retailers order, plus enough extras to cover warranties and team riders.

          the fact that these are still in stock speaks more about the current snowboard economy than anything else.

  2. mista_maize
    mista_maize says:

    I should have had the sixth grade do this for me today during study hall…research skills and snowboarding…..fuggetaboutit

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