Steve Lauder Snowboarding in 2015

From the desk of Mr. Lauder:

This past winter I got to film some snowboarding with friends, and it just so happened we got lucky with record breaking snowfall. Most of the season consisted of juggling a full-time design job, and day trips around the states of New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.  We ended the season with a drive out to Seven Springs for Superpark, here is what I filmed.

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  1. Dough Boi
    Dough Boi says:

    Anybody else impressed that he can find the rails with that impaired eyesight of his? Edit was titties though.

    • PC snowboarder
      PC snowboarder says:

      “keep racial slurs/stereotypes” out of snowboarding because we all know we’re not allowed to say anything offensive in this day and age

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