Stan-alysis: 2015/16 Bataleon Disaster


The Disaster is Bataleon’s Jib Board, and it is softer than your cousin with an affinity for Disney Princesses. The result of this is a pretty crazy manuverability that allows you to manipulate the board in all sorts of quirky ways. This board is good for presses, crazy flat ground shit, firecrackers and laybacks.

Stan’s Vote: Good bang for your buck, but this puppy rides a tad soft for me. If you’re a park rat looking to do park rat things with your friends, this is the board for you.

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  1. truth
    truth says:

    The only people in North America buying Bataleon are euros and australians and kids who think the Helgason’s are gods.

    HARHAR says:

    2FUNNY—-but Disaster is #1 best jib/ rail killer ever made …. TRY IT.. your up ur rail game that day

    JO HERINEK says:

    THIS is the best rail board on planet earth …..don’t even fucking try to say it aint ….just try 1

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