Stan-alysis: The 2015/16 Bataleon Global Warmer


The Global Warmer is a park board with a lot of flex. It’s soft, though not Bataleon’s softest option, the Global Warmer provides real stability, despite its lightweight and flexible feel. This board would probably be ideal for rails and park jumps, but I would consider other options for pow.

Stan’s vote: A fun board for popping, bonking slapping, tapping and rapping. Definitely on the softer side, but I believe in the effectiveness of 3BT in helping stabilize the soft feel. An all around good board.

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  1. seriously
    seriously says:

    It’s sad how all snowboard media outlets are forced to monetize all content these days. Not just you, YoBeat, but everyone.

  2. Siskel & Ebert
    Siskel & Ebert says:

    Stan went to Europe and is now way cooler. Also the underlying economical commentary in this film isn’t very subtle.

  3. Joe
    Joe says:

    “This board would probably be ideal for rails and park jumps”
    – And how the hell would you know that?

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