Blast Off: Danika Duffy

Coming in for landing.

Film: Amanda Hankison, Ashley-Dawn Byrd
Edit: Nirvana Ortanez
Art: Davidaisy
Song: Tie up the tides by Quilt

  • ko$a

    Make a mobile app

    • Do you have an iphone? You can add the site to the home screen with the little square up arrow box at the bottom of safari. I am sure there’s a similar solution on android. We do have a mobile site…

      • the future

        an app with some new shizz.. I’m sure you can get creative

      • ko$a

        I have it saved on the home screen in safari, but c’mon a app would be bitchin’ and more convenient… and yeah yall can get creative.. I mean shit The Come Up has an app and they’re bmx like wtf.. Yall better than that

        • Walter

          How hard is it to type, apps suck

    • that guy

      an app? what is this, 2010?

  • larry david

    pretty…pretty…pretty good

  • nwnick

    basic bitch…that needs the d

  • sman

    rad style.. srsly better than a lot of the spaghetti lanky shit I see up in here

  • Mid-E

    Went to school with a chick named Danica. Pretty cool. She fell into some deep shit though with a few two dirty dudes in the grade above us. She used to look pretty good but now she looks all beat up. Maybe both of those dudes have been cocking her who knows. Anyway, I think she lives in Chicago now in a nice high rise. Dad paid for most of it. She would even look hot in sweat pants.

    So Danica Duffy, keep shredding. Sounds like most Danica’s make it out okay. Maybe avoid taking two hammers by dirty guys but you should be alright. You might even end up with a nice high rise in a thriving city.

  • Dos Cadenas

    No zeaching, only one 5050 180 out, fast riding, and holy hell that front 7. Shit was good

  • Mumm-Ra

    That was legit! Keep it up, don’t get hurt, snowboarding needs more women shreds like this!

  • holy shit

    that was sick

  • game0

    tiiight. steezy girl, with balls… uhm, yea keep it up!!

  • BonerGarage

    so hot

  • matt


  • fat black bitch

    Suck job plz?

  • Mackdawg

    Danika, if you sit on my face I swear I will eat my way to your heart #forrealthough

  • dion

    i will drag my dick through a mile of broken glass just to hear you fart through a walkie-talkie