Kody Williams Pretzels his Way Through Hump Day



 A  21-year-old ripper fresh out of London, Ontario, Kody Williams moved to Big Bear to improve and show off his many talents on a snowboard. Aggressively savage on a snowboard, he currently holds the official title of “pretzel king,” along with being one of the coolest dudes in town. We sat and  chatted for several hours and let me tell you, this kid is a riot. From peeing on friends to dropping hammers, he will be someone to look out for in the near future. So without further ado, I introduce to you, Kody Williams!

RF: How did your career start?  When did people start to notice you?

KW: It felt slow at first.  But, that all changed when I moved from London, Ontario to Big Bear, California.  You see, Alone Snowboards had been hooking me up at that time but were not too stoked when Gnarly started hooking me up with gear.

RF: Why did Alone have beef with Gnarly sponsoring you also?

KW: Hahahaha.  Well, I stopped wearing their gear all together and just got down with the Gnarly program.  One thing led to another and they dropped me.  Trust me, I wasn’t too upset about it to say the least.

RF: After Alone dropped out, how long did it take you to acquire a new board sponsor?  And how did it happen?

KW: Basically a year.  My homies were giving me their old boards to ride for a while.  Then, Brandon Cordell from Burton noticed that I was riding a bunch of different boards in my 2k14 edit and asked what the deal was.  A little bit before last year’s HDHR, Brandon hooked me up with fresh gear and decks.


RF: So, let’s talk Burton.  What are your thoughts on Burton dropping the Knowbuddy team?  Was it spontaneous or was it something everybody saw coming?  Is Burton still sponsoring you?

KW: It’s totally fucked.  The whole Knowbuddy team was sick.  Basically, one day a mass email was sent out that read “R.I.P Knowbuddy.”  Yeah, it was pretty much out of the blue.  I am still sponsored by Burton.  They actually just sent me a new snowboard.  I spray painted “Knowbuddy” on the top and called it a day.

RF:  So, word on the street is that Burton is having their riders exclusively model their gear instead of featuring them actively performing in it.  Is this true?

KW: Haha, yeah. It is true.  I was kicking it with Wilkyboi not too long ago and he actually had to leave to do a photoshoot for them!  It’s all good though.

RF: Kody, every time an edit drops- you are always in a new city tearing it up.  How do you finance these trips?  Does Burton fund any of your travel expenses?  

KW:  No, they don’t.  They just hook me up with product at the moment.  I also work for a professional roofing company.  My boss, Jamie Bates, should definitely start snowboarding again.  Also, my parents are a huge help and they support me 100%.  It’s super tight!

RF: Do you have an exercise regimen?  Do you do yoga and eat kale?  Because you must have hips of steel, the way you have been pretzel-ing out of rails.  I feel like they should have blown out by now?

KW: Naw, I actually should probably get into something like that.  Like maybe start stretching or something…

RF: What is it like being black in a predominantly white sport?

KW: It has actually helped me.  Haha.  It has turned me into somewhat of a commodity… Like a black hockey player.

RF: I heard that you are featured in the upcoming Footyfiend movie, is that true? Do you know when Jordan will most likely be dropping that fire?  And, is there anything that we should know beforehand?

KW: Know this- you guys aren’t ready for the all out fire that’s going to come out of it!  Hahaha.  And, it could drop at any moment.  No one knows when he will do it.  JUST BE READY!



RF: How was your experience at HDHR this year?  Care to share some insight on what happened with your gear? 

KW: Well, throughout my first run of the competition, I could feel that my binding was acting goofy.  All of a sudden, it broke!  I asked Wilkyboi if there were any that I could borrow.  He found a pair, but unfortunately it didn’t work with my board.  So, Lucas Magoon gave me his deck, which was so big.  It was a sketchy ride, to say the least.  In the end, it all worked out though.  The homie, Justin Mulford, ended up loaning me his board, which was a much better fit.

RF: So in an early edit of you, I peeped you making out with a gang of females.  Do the females flock to Kody?

KW: Hahaha.  NO.  Not at all.



RF: Tell me the most embarrassing moment you have ever had with all the homies?

(LENNY MAZZOTTI chimes in)

LM: I’m going to just lay it on you plain and simple.  When Kody gets drunk, he likes to pee.  One night, we went to Sonora Cantina.  We had a few drinks there.  Then we went to the AV nightclub where we continued our consumption.  By the end of the night, Kody was shitfaced.  I had to carry his ass home.  Haha.  Well, that was a big mistake.  Right before I could get him into bed, he started to unleash hell on my shoulder.  And, when I mean hell, I am talking about the hottest piss stream that I have ever felt! Hahaha.  But he will always be my best friend.


RF: Well my brother, it has been a pleasure interviewing you.  I will be rooting for you as you climb your way to the top.  Is there anyone you would like to give a shout out too?

KW- Yeah, Yeah.  Shout out to my parents for putting up with me despite all the stress that I am constantly putting them through.  Haha.  They never know where I am.  Should out to my aunt, Neat!  She always hooks me up and lets me know what’s good.

Shout out to the homies that I grew up riding with back in London- Chris Fellner, Jeff Howlette, Sean G, Kirby Kustok, and probably more that I am forgetting… And shout out to the homies from Ontario too! Pocket Figures krew!





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  1. MiLo
    MiLo says:

    Kody, you are really good on the board.
    But a bit of a douche for dropping your sponsors and still have the guts to call names on them. Sounds like you have been getting gear from 2 brands at the same time, while wearing only one. Not a very professional behavior.

    • Your wrong
      Your wrong says:

      Your oh so wrong he still rode there boards which is still promoting the company yah dingus …. Beat it dude

      • MiLo
        MiLo says:

        Please explain, how am I wrong? In the itw he says clearly that he stopped using their gear altogether..to use another company’s. Hence his dropout.
        No wonder, dude.

        • Your wrong
          Your wrong says:

          Gnarly makes clothes, alone makes snowboards and apparel, he kept riding the board but started sporting different clothes…. I’m pretty sure a lot of people do that.. Like being sponsored by burton but wearing Nolan outerwear ….

          • MiLo
            MiLo says:

            so he had a standing agreement with a company that produces apparel and boards, which provided him with both for him to promote. Then he stopped using their apparel to get on another sponsorship, presumably breaking the standing agreement. I don’t wonder he got dropped altogether. Of course there’s nothing wrong to have different sponsors for different gear, but breaking agreements is a different thing.

          • oh
            oh says:

            “standing agreement”? have you ever even been sponsored? Most of the time you just get flowed free product. you have no obligation to wear anything, Alone saw he wasn’t repping their product anymore so they stopped sending him shit. Just cause a company sends you free shit does not mean they hold rights over you, just like you’re not entitled to anything you want from them.

          • MiLo
            MiLo says:

            Not only I have been sponsored but I’ve also assisted team managers for more than a couple of years.

            I can assure you that contracts are signed for stuff like this. When they’re not, there is at least a “standing agreement” between the parts, for each season.

            He stopped endorsing their products, likely before the end of the season, to jump on another wagon. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that no company would be too happy with that.
            They probably just dropped him from their rooster without making too big a fuss either, stuff like that happens.

            Companies don’t send you free stuff because you’re a cool kid and you are not entitled to do what you want with it.
            They send you stuff so that you can promote it by endorsing it and ultimately boost their sales.
            It’s not a free gift to you, it’s a marketing investment for them and a product endorsement for you.

            Grow up.

        • nope
          nope says:

          Ok but 1)no 2)do you own an alone board 3)you don’t because what the fuck even is alone 4)they lost a sick dude and a great rider who probably would’ve put their brand on the map 5)Gnarly is infinitely sicker than alone and was essentially made due to being dropped for supporting something else 6)u probably have something to do with alone and are just salty af about losing him

  2. Rons 3rd grade English teacher
    Rons 3rd grade English teacher says:

    This kid is sooo good, but may run into a bit of trouble with button if he continues to have less than appealing things to say about their company desicons. But aside from that this kid is next level !

  3. RolledUpPant Leg
    RolledUpPant Leg says:

    It usta be that a kid from Canada would move to Whistler to ride the REAL. Now kids move to Big Bear to slip slide around on steel rails pretending to be skaters! Wow. I think Id prefer powder…..
    Such a shame…..flying gaper flannels, floppy hats, rolled up pant legs in 60* slush.

  4. baked
    baked says:

    “KW: It felt slow at first. But, that all changed when I moved from London, Ontario to Big Bear, California. You see, Alone Snowboards had been hooking me up at that time but were not too stoked when Gnarly started hooking me up with gear.”

    how did the interview go from talking about moving to sponsor beef so quickly? yobeat trying to push some fake gossip shit?

  5. Your wrong
    Your wrong says:

    Once again you duck boys take shit way to fucking serious… God the amount of dumb fucks comment stupid… Who cares if he dropped alone or alone dropped him… Don’t you think it’s even more fucked they weren’t willing to work with him??? And gossip how the fuck is this gossip… This is why snowboarding is were its at fuck

  6. Hang on a sec
    Hang on a sec says:

    “And, when I mean hell, I am talking about the hottest piss stream that I have ever felt!”

    Lenny, now how many piss streams have you been feeling?

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