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Videogracias marks the 9th official release for the boys at Videograss. After watching the Mayday follow up, we’re happy to say, this ship has definitely not sunk yet. With some old favorites and a few new faces, Justin Meyers has put together another must-own and here’s the breakdown.

With a slow start, and an almost spooky beginning, to summarize it in a few words; falling into bushes, eating shit, smoking weed, and pure carnage. Phenomenal. 8/10

Mark Wilson
First off, I think we can all agree that Mark has some beautiful hair. Also, this dude oozes style, even when he’s eating shit. My man isn’t afraid to get kinky, switch 50-50 on a DFDFDFD and a huge variety of spots. He ends his part with a well-deserved trip to the liquor store, 8/10

Tommy Gesme
Tommy’s style is aggressive af, but you gotta love it. I think if he weren’t a snowboarder, he’d be a rap star. Sending spot after spot, it’s chew-thirty for Tommy as he nails multiple huge back 270s to fakie. There’s also a worthy cameo from Andy Pearson #RIPKnowBuddys #AlwaysSwipeRight 8.5/10

Harrison Gordon
Despite the fact that Tommy and Mark have better hair, Harrison is still killing it. With some fat ass drops/transfers/redirects, this part was big. Literally. This section was an almost 180 degree turn from Tommy’s direction, but not quite. It sits well and Harrison is shooting sparks off every wall (and roof) he rides on. He finishes off his part with some tight backcountry. 8/10

Alex Sherman
AKA Weedlord, shoutout Juicy J (369 Mafia?) Even though the song got kind of old, the riding didn’t. With a few heavy shots; Alex’s part was worth watching, but definitely the shortest in content so far. I loved the grandma in the start though, 6.5/10

Justin Fronius
Before I go into specifics I have to ask, why do snowboarders like mini-ramps so much? Skating them, making them, airing over them, what’s the deal? Anyways, Justin is a beast, killing urban, backcountry and anything in between. Stylishly. He ends  his part with a cab 270 to fakie on a massive DFD, it was shovel-breakingly awesome. 9/10

Zac Marben/Ben Bilodeau/Cody Beiersdorf
In the first shared part there is no disappointment to be found. Up-flat-ups rattle me, but if you can make it work, throw it in your part because they’re unique and Tight with a capital T. After hitting the most fucked wood rail ever, I decided all of these guys kill it, and they share a solid 7.5/10


Darrell Mathes/Nick Dirks/Sam Taxwood
Darrell’s short part goes over the path and under the bridge with creativity. Even with just a few shots, I was stoked on the largeness and the fact he did a beautiful cork 3, which you don’t just see everyday. Up next we have Dirks, who not only rips ass in his part, but rips riding in general. I’ve never seen someone MJ a wall like that before, but I can’t properly explain it, which is another reason to go buy and watch this movie. The song finishes out with Sam Taxwood, and I’m not sad to see it go. Unfortunately Stax only had a few shots in his part, but he wrecks a halfpipe and kills some rails, adding a little dude tube flavor to the full film. 7/10

Danimals, who has the most beautiful hair yet, is also a fucking boss. From the few times I’ve talked to him at Hyland he’s a super nice guy. Dan slays everything, he’s like Justin Fronius, but with cooler hair. With his new pro contract, I see Danimals going to even greater heights with snowboarding, and I think most riders should aspire to be more like him, 9.5/10

Derrek Lever
I don’t know what made Derrek do the 20-foot drop that is his first clip, but it was sick nonetheless. He goes on to impress me with pretty much every clip, then break a rail, then a snowboard or two. Derrek does some fucked up stuff in his part, and causes by far the most property damage. 7.5/10

Layne Treeter
White guy dreads are a (hopefully) dying breed – only 10% look good – but Layne is in that 10%. He’s also really good at snowboarding. A lot of things in Layne’s part stood out to me, and he never stops going hard. I’ve also never seen someone ride a bush in an urban shot. This part was extremely unique, and I loved it. Also his ender was the most fucked thing. 9.5/10

Jed Anderson/Gus Engle
A shared ender is a rarity but watching these two you’ll understand why. Jed Anderson is too good. Gus is unreal too, and the amount of pure carnage in the 2 or 3 minutes of these guys is insane. I can’t put into words my love for this part, but mostly because I’ve been reviewing everyone else, and a man gets tired sometimes. Anyways, these guys both shred and it made me genuinely happy to watch. A beautiful way to end the movie 8/10

This movie was off the chain. I don’t know if that’s a term people still use, but hey, it was fuckin awesome. The amount of bushes fallen in and ridden on was absurd. I was thrilled to watch it start to finish, and it was worth every last second and the 2.5ish GBs it took up on my computer. At no point was I disappointed, and I would refer this to a friend or even two, if I had friends. I’d like to say a final thank you to Videograss, and the end/outro part is well worth watching. Anyways, Videogracias is a success in my book with a solid 8.5/10

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  1. Siskel & Ebert
    Siskel & Ebert says:

    Bring back Lipton for this. He’s basically the Siskel & Ebert of snowboard movies. That means a lot coming from the actual Siskel & Ebert.

  2. George's mother
    George's mother says:

    Fan boy to the max.. good to know you rated these guys on how many times you’ve sucked they’re dicks.

  3. why?
    why? says:

    “The item you’ve requested is not currently available in the Australian Store, but it is available in the Tajikistani Store. Click Change Store to view this item.”

  4. gerbil
    gerbil says:

    This was hella underrated tho and like not talking shit about Froni cuz that man is a god but like how did he get a 9.5 when derrek tommy and jed didn’t even get 9s like idk if we watched the same video but I’m pretty sure they had the three most fire parts.

  5. east coast funk
    east coast funk says:

    layne treeter best part. riding the bush was in Waterbury ct ghetto, and multiple parts around Naugatuck ct, so pumped to see this kinda riding

  6. Poo
    Poo says:

    Everyone had an amazing part, end of story. I think they all deserve 10/10.

    BTW, what song was used for tommys part, shit was bumping at the premier.

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