Yobeat Steez Test: Part 3 – Durability

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Steezmon’s box keeps giving and just in time! The big game is coming up. Will the boys be able to pull out the win and look steezy at the same time? Find out in this week’s episode of the Yobeat Steez Test.

Special gueststar: Nate Farrell
Filming: Andrew Nagel

ICYMI: Part 1Part 2

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    YOBEAT PLS says:

    Holy shit, this was bad. Not just, “so bad its good” but just awful.

    Whatever happened just now on the screen (i dare not call it a story) was so poorly thought out, I’m almost sure that during the production someone said “haha nah dude i don’t wanna write a script, lets just start filming, it’ll be more natural if we don’t write anything down”.

    PROTIP: this isn’t an edit, you can’t just run the camera and act silly. This is supposed to be a product review series. I get that you guys are doing the yobeat ‘hahah we’ll just slap something together and pretend it’s post ironic’ schtick, but at least pretend to review the products instead of “uh ya they stood up”.

    So not only was the filming, acting, and editing amateur-as-fuck the actual reviews were non-existant.

    From one film maker to another, don’t derive all your filming motivation from smoking weed.

    • Internet Man
      Internet Man says:

      When I say this was fucking terrible, that means it was fucking terrible.

      That includes the dodgeball.

  2. Highschool Filmclub
    Highschool Filmclub says:

    As the leaader of the film club i give this a D- (and Andrew Nagle PLZ get back to posting AEM)

  3. jamalthecat
    jamalthecat says:

    I am seriously outraged at you guys @yobeat theres been 3 episodes of steez testing and still no speed test I NEED TO KNOW WICH COAT WILL STAY STEEZY AT EXTREME SPEEDZ

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