Boys Nite: Ben Bilodeau and Jack Kyle

Brendan Barry’s full flick Boys Nite is available on DVD, so if you love nostalgia and wanna remember one of the best independent snowboard flicks of 2015 (IMHO) FOREVER then you should probably buy it. If buying DVDs sounds stupid, then just enjoy the intro now and be sure to let em know how it made you feel in the comments.

Ben Bilodeau, Andrew Brewer, Seth Hill & Max Tokunaga’s footage filmed by: Brendan Barry.

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  1. I'm Adopted
    I'm Adopted says:

    One of the best split part pairings since Danimals and Michilot. Both of these guys have great style

  2. hyland
    hyland says:

    god damn, Jack Kyle. dude could be the next Keegan. I’m hoping Burton will see that and keep him on through this knowbuddy extinction bullshit

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