Site Check: DC Snowboarding


DC Snowboarding. Their website title says “Snowboarding: Fashion News & Videos,” which could be a rather accurate commentary on what people tend to pay attention to in snowboarding. And that kid up there, second from the right, is going to have some serious teenage angst when his parents show his friends a picture of him with that haircut.


The team decided to pose like they were a high school yearbook club photoshopped together. Mat Schaer’s bro-point awkwardly mirrors Travis Rice’s bro-peace, and Ryan Tiene is not stoked about being touched by a guy named Mons. And check out the giant smile on Ikka Backstrom, the Finns really are such a light-hearted and warm people.


This is the entirety of DC’s women’s board line. Now compare that to the men’s line. On one hand what the fuck DC, why aren’t you putting the same effort into displaying your women’s collection? But on the other hand … I kind of get it. For whatever reason women don’t spend in snowboarding the same way men do. I don’t know why that is, but if snowboarding really is in trouble maybe we should do something about the fact that fifty percent of the population isn’t getting as involved.


Travis Rice doesn’t just get a pro model boot, if you go to you’re taken to a special site for his special boots. There’s a zip gaiter covering the lower region of the laces … for some reason, and they’re really boasting about their new asymmetric outsole. Which is pretty strange considering that aren’t all outsoles asymmetric? I’m not sure who the intended market is for these boots, but since Travis’ name is on it I’m sure bros will be walking into shops, Red Bull in hand, asking for them all season long.


Not sure what to make of this still from the Winter ’16 Lookbook. Are they trying to corner the now snow-free California market? Is this some kind of obtuse commentary about global warming? Is there any meaning to the juxtaposition of a nautical-themed snowboard in a shot entirely bereft of the ocean or snow? Am I overthinking it and it’s just a cool picture? Probably, yes.

DC has done something I didn’t expect. From a product standpoint I wasn’t too exhilarating, pretty much everything there was what you’d expect and there wasn’t any real news I could find other than the graphics. But some of those graphics were really good, and overall the site made me more excited about the coming season that any site I’ve reviewed previously. Usually lookbooks are tired marketing and pictures designed for help buyers decide what to get, rather than build customer stoke. But this one made me think about trips I’m going to make this year, where I’m going and who I’m going with. Which surprised me, DC Snowboarding isn’t it’s own thing it’s just a branch of the main DC Shoes tree. But the women’s boards looking like an afterthought rather than something they actually put work into knocks them down more than a few pegs, for a final total of 68

Check the site for yourself –

The standings so far-

Rank Brand Score
1. Lobster Snowboards 87
2. Bataleon 86
3. Endeavor 74
4. Rome SDS 72
5. Arbor Collective 71
6. DC Snowboarding 68
7. Holden 62
8. Gnu Snowboards 57
9. Burton 50