Ryan Paul Crowned “Top Buck” at Mountain High’s 2015 Buck Off Rail Jam


Wrightwood, Calif. – (Oct. 6, 2015) – Professional snowboarder Ryan Paul took the “top buck” title at Mountain High’s annual pre-season event, Buck Off Rail Jam, held on Saturday, October 3.

More than 1,000 spectators attended the competition, located on the streets of Wrightwood, Calif. Aside from the shred session, guests strolled through the vendor village, bought equipment in the giant ski and snowboard swap area and chowed down on chili during the annual chili cook-off.

“This is the only pre-season contest where the public can ride,” said Mountain High Chief Marketing Officer John McColly. “Our event provides a great opportunity for skiers and boarders to get back on the snow and stretch their legs.”

A best trick contest was held with $5,000 in cash prizes up for grabs. Paul led the way with a switch front side, 180 degree front flip to a 50-50 on the down bar of the specially built feature.

2014 Buck Off Rail Jam winner, Buzz Holbrook, claimed second place with a front side, blunt slide, 450 degree front side, board slide. Drayden Gardner captured third place with a front side, 180 degree switch to tail press backside 360.

60 tons of snow was used to create a 10,000-square-foot winter jib arena complete with all levels of rails and boxes. It took five hours to cover the arena with snow and park personnel were on-hand all day to make sure the snow stayed at peak condition for the competition.

“Nothing gets you thinking winter like a little skiing and snowboarding,” said McColly. “The 2015 Buck Off Rail Jam was such a terrific day to be in the mountains.”

Originally held in 2005, the Buck Off Rail Jam became a unique alternative to traditional Octoberfest activities in town. The signature pre-season competition set the stage for similar events nationwide.


Visconti’s influence can still be felt in So Cal.


The best part about summer rail jams – it’s totally acceptable to wear jeans and snowboard boots!


The ladies aim to im-press.


Drayden Gardner wore the same thing at HDHR, which is great cause it makes him much easier to recognize.


The GoPro twins totes got this shot.


The ol’ tuck and roll.


Mamba’s fans with the BGP’s

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