The Not Snowboarding Podcast: Episode 29: Jesse Burtner


This week’s topics include:

J-pop SoySauce Nation AK, Fathers day and parenting, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Married Life, Living in the moment, Growing up in Alaska, Socratic learning, Think Thank, Matt Burtner’s music, Poetry, Twitter and social media, Listener questions and Mob flips and rocketflips.

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  1. cheddar
    cheddar says:

    yo aj I just watched the episode from over the summer of just you and nate, anyway you said something about reading the bible and you wanted to memorize Ezekiel 25 17 from pulp fiction or something like that. well that verse/passage was actually completely made up for the movie and doesn’t actually exist in the bible. just wanted to say that cause pulp fiction is one of my favorite movies and I thought it was funny that was what you mentioned and associated with the bible.

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