The Yobeat Roundtable: Song Choice


It’s premiere season, so for this edition of the Yobeat Roundtable, we decided to ask about a hot button topic in the video world.

Song selection is arguably as key to putting out a good part as the filming and editing itself, as it sets the mood and feel for the viewer. While there is no shortage of great original music out there, the prolific nature of the Internet and the inevitable passing of time often results in songs being used more than once in snowboard videos. What are your feelings on reusing songs? Is a song off limits once it’s been been in a professional film (snow or skate) or a major online release? Or does it just not matter anymore?

Bonus round: What’s your favorite video part/song of all time and why?



Ethan Morgan

With a shit song, I find it hard to watch the part unless if the riding is next level.  But also if a song has been used in a major videopart before I kind of get the same feeling, that someone was too lazy to find a new song.  Maybe now with the overload on online videoparts it shouldn’t really matter, but  I enjoy it when I see a part with a new good song, so music selection definitely plays a big role for me.

 Favorite song: Jed Anderson in Bon Voyage vice squad – Last Rockers.  I love the part where Jed destroys that downrail and the song builds up.  Such a G part.


Jesse Burtner

If a song is in a video, pretty much any video, it’s off limits.  Even a good web edit, although it’s almost impossible to stay up on all that.  There’s so much good music out there, just dig a bit more.  But cross over happens, it’s unavoidable.  Just don’t use the best track from the biggest skate video out, that’s such an obvious cop out. 


Shaun Murphy

Music doesn’t really bother me when it comes to edits or video parts. I personally try not to use a song that has already been used for a great video part/web edit, but it’s hard to keep up with every video part/web edit that drops now. I find if the song, editing, and riding work well together and fit, why mess with it.

Favorite video part song/video part:

Why? Because it’s Grendy’s, Bandz WILL make her dance, and we reppin MA.


Jake OE

I think it all depends!!! There’s too much to keep track of!! Favorite: The song in the Love/hate teaser !!!


Madison Blackley

Personally who cares if the songs has been used, if it’s a old song, it goes well and you like it, fuck it, use it then. People get so hot and bothered that a song was used 15 years ago in a skate movie and let it ruin part or movie. Whatever who cares, all music is great.   Louif Paradis’ part with Hoshi Neko by Yamatanka is  a super dope song, but there are like hundreds of tight part songs but i don’t know who sings them.


Kas Lemmens

I don’t really like song being re-used, because you will still have the picture of the first person’s part in your mind while watching the part with the re-used song. It depends on the song though… I have some songs I’ve always dreamed of to have under my part, no matter who used it or not.


Jeff Keenan

I personally feel that many snowboard and skate videos have helped elevated songs for artists just as much as a good song elevated a rider’s part. Reusing songs is such a touchy subject,  and it is very bad taste to edit a song that has been used in an iconic part.  For “professional film” the editors and directors should be well educated and do their research.

However, a kid uses a song from Meltdown Project or Snowboards in Exile in their online part,  they should not be called out hard on social media. 


Sean Genovese

It matters.  If you can’t find anything original, there’s always this.

Bonus round:

There’s too many.  Any Larson part makes me like the song… 

… Same for Burtner.  The two Le Savy Fav songs he used in an old JB Deuce vid, “In For Life” are a couple of my favourite.

Borland too… he always has good music.  … and the list goes on.

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  1. classic sno bro
    classic sno bro says:

    dewd who caaares, it’s just music man. I just wanna shred, like why judge? You wanna put it in my ass? Totally!

  2. Would.fuck.brooke
    Would.fuck.brooke says:

    But my question is at what point does reusing a song become a “cop out” instead of paying homage? Like, Yawgoons 14 used that song from an old Wildcats movie and I was like “fuck yeah, wildcats!” and Dr B was all like “fuck yeah!”

  3. rob
    rob says:

    Can someone please upload love/hate and burning bridges in decent quality? I’ve never seen it and I cant find it for sale any where…

  4. MOIST
    MOIST says:

    My favourite song of all time is from Jake OE’s part in the videograss mayday this year. Alabama shakes kill it and so dpes Jake!

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