Site Check: Lobster Snowboards 15/16

face suckLobster Snowboards.

It’s an interesting indication of how the Helgasons have matured when a board with a graphic depiction of a naked stripper having her face ripped off by a canister vacuum is a sign their art is moving in a less disturbing direction.


They’re still on the Bataleon 3BT program, because if it isn’t broken don’t fix it, and the lineup looks like they’re doubling down on what they’re good at- jib/park baords. I don’t remember them doing a youth model before, but the idea of typical-suburban-parent coming to this site because little Suzie asked for a Youthboard for Christmas is pretty amusing.


Eiki really got something right here. More than once I’ve found snowboard companies not telling people that something glows in the dark. Which is insane, in most cases something that glows in the dark is inherently better than something that doesn’t. Why wouldn’t you tell people up front?


Halldor’s pro model comes in a totally cutting edge orange and camo colorway, and with an asymmetrical version of the trusty 3BT profile. So that’s all abaord on two trendy trends, but what I want to look at is that the both pro-model Switchback Bindings are being sold straight through Lobster with no mention of what brand they are, while Switchback’s site is still flogging last year’s wares. Are the Helgasons just focusing on one thing at a time, or has the binding business been back burnered?


I don’t know why, but I’m imagining both of them saying this simultaneously. Like some kind of possessed viking press conference.

So we’ve got strippers, cartoon violence, and a couple of Euros. And they’re on 3BT so the similarities to Bataleon are really quite striking. But like I said anything that glows in the dark is better than anything that doesn’t, so they’ll take a narrow lead in the standings with 87 points.

Check the site for yourself here-

The standings so far-

Rank Brand Score
1. Lobster Snowboards 87
2. Bataleon  86
3. Endeavor 74
4. Arbor Collective 71
5. Holden 62


  • slc punk

    What a useless series of articles

  • ru

    money, duh

  • lobsterfromstart

    I have been riding lobster since this shit started and I can honestly say if your going to pay for a graphic, it better be a lobster graphic cause all the rest are for pussies and their parents who pay for their this