The Not Snowboarding Podcast: Episode 28 – Stan Leveille

Nate Musson and AJ Lawson’s critically acclaimed podcast is back for another season! Starting now, we’ll be posting the episodes as they drop, and first up, our own news anchor, Justin “Stan” Leveille. Click for his thoughts on gingers, Vermont, Burton, Internet hate, the Newshow vs Hateline and more.

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  1. To Stan or Justin
    To Stan or Justin says:

    This was great. Awesome to actually get to know someone and hear what makes them tick, especially when it’s about someone who has undoubtedly an impact on how the majority of people view snowboarding. But it sucks to here that people are bitin your shit, cuz outside negativity is the worst for self expansion and growth. Just hear to say I guess that a lot of people are down with what you are doing.. You’re bringing that; I just wana have fun, act like fools mentality, back from what’s become way to serious for me. And growing up on the garbage hills of northern Illinois and Wisconsin, actin a fool, pushing your buddy into some fat northern Wisconsin heifer while standing in the lift line, is what snowboarding is to me. So thank you for not falling to the standards of what people what to hear from you, but saying what you want. I know I get down on you being you, rather than a lot of hating, even though it can be mad funny. Anyways just want to say keep it up, and we appreciate you.
    Your full part filmer

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